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What revolver has 19 shots in it, and uses a "clip?"

It's not very challenging. I don't think the shields actually deflect the bullets, and the only melee enemy that'll actually do me any damage are the blonde white guys. The little antler gremlins can just pile up at my feet, and do nothing to my health. The zombies don't attack either. The only threat to my health are the ranged attackers and you just click them a bunch. Without any diversification in the environment, this gets boring pretty quickly.

MaxonClakson responds:

The Zombies and Gremlins are not meant to do any damage at all and serve more as a training enemy, and despite it's appearance, the revolver is not actually a revolver but a pistol designed to look like one. The shield also blocks bullets if you time it correctly.

That's the cleanest circle clicker I've seen in a long time. Good job!

I'm guessing there isn't a win-state or a fail-state? I was chasing enemy ships just to see if I could get a game over. I think moving forward, it would be beneficial to have an endcap on the game, one way or another, win or fail.

Sepnome responds:

Thanks, this game is still in development. Im hoping to add new features.

Yo, this is the moment I learned Mist got their account deleted!? What??

(Also, Leakey Cunt Saga?)

And calming to find that ngman7 has leveled out enough not to be the focal point of multiple categories these days.

Comprehensive as always! If you ever need voice overs for these things, I am 100% always down to narrate.

Fucking stellar. I love you guys.

Yomuchan responds:

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

Heyyy! It works on my phone! Cool!

There's some fucky things going on, many of them are evident on Level 12.

For one, the character we control seems to have an unstable hit-box to how he lands, as if his lower corners are rounded like a rombus. This is really noticeable when you're trying to land on one tile right on the other side of a jumping hog or a spike trap- he'll land on the tile but kinda slide off, and it doesn't seem like a momentum overcorrection on my end.

Secondly, if the terrain the character is on is too high, several things happen in a switch.

On level 12, if we start on the top left section and that's "1" , I position myself at the extreme edge of 2, inboard to the middle. I swapped it with the platform below it, but my character stayed suspended in mid-air. After the terrain is done switching, I plummet to my death atop a jumping hog right below me.

Another thing that sometimes happens is the hogs will have inconsistent autonomy. At first I thought they were too easy of an obstacle, and thought it was an interesting addition to ramp up the difficulty so that the hogs will sometimes charge after a while, but the more I played, the more I started to realize this may be accidental. I'll die on one, and they'll back up sometimes. Sometimes they'll start moving forward when all they did was jump after I died. But SOMETIMES I'd swap tiles, and they'd be in a position, through timing, that enabled them to charge forward indefinitely, onto other sections.

I wanted to vote top score on it because this is a really interesting idea, but I think some bolts need to be tightened on this. More variety of enemies, more consistently in the existing enemies behaviors, and more deliberate platforming physics that feel sturdier on our character, as well as tightening the core game mechanic.

Still, really cool idea and the polish is there. I hope this goes far for you! Keep up the excellent work, and never stop!

MrNannings responds:

Thanks that a big reply. Need to study on that. I have updated the movement but the other things you mention I still have to process.

Brilliant idea! Very fun, and I hope this concept really goes far for you. Excellent work!

Extremely difficult. I've played four different games, and I can't seem to win. Will return to this to see if I can figure this out.

Rarykos responds:

Hmm so I should perhaps make the first challenge a bit easier.

Thank you for your persistence!

This game is a waste of life, only incentivized by the inclusion of NG Trophy achievements. But even they are undermined by the measly value given to them at 5 points per achievement earned. It's disproportionate to the time and effort spent, even if that effort is letting it farm itself overnight or at work.

It's boring and maddening. We aren't even given the satisfaction to SEE the base we're building in action. We're just staring at the art asset of a planet, and the art assets of the menu. We can't even stare at the art assets of everyone in the leaderboards-quite a few of them are either default tankmen or a black box with the text "PENIS" in the middle.

Like it feels like a prank. Like you're fucking with us, chasing the magic dragon so we might afford some of the modules on the next page or something. Spend Fifteen Million Q on a cargo block that'll rake in 50,000 Q per minute. Are we mining crypto-currency for you or something, are you offloading our computer's processing power to do some fraudulent shit?

I'm done, man. This is hardly a game and the trophy achievements are less valuable than the time wasted trying to get them.

igorpets responds:

welcome to the clicker - time killer (if you didn't know :)

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