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Galneda's News

Posted by Galneda - June 30th, 2022

At this moment in time as I type this, the 25th of June, 2022 (Edit: Yeah, it took me about five days to finish this post), I can earnestly say I have a brighter appreciation for life and the future. I withhold the knowledge that there is still much work to be done, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that have yet to be shed toward meaningful change and even greater quality of life.

Since the previous Low-Down, much has changed.

One, first and foremost above all, I got married in December 2020!


The love of my life is one that I've known for half of my lifetime. We went to high school together in 2002-2006, and apparently she had a crush on me back then. I say "apparently" because I had no idea, and I completely failed to pick up on her hints. I could make an entire news post about the history between Julia and I, but to keep this news post balanced, I'll say that my life has been made whole with the love I have for her, and the love she has for me. Since 2020 was still the height of the pandemic, we had a very small very cheap wedding in our hometown.

In addition to that, I spent the money and made the numerous trips to downtown Dallas to get a legal name change as we carve our own destiny together.

See, at some point in the last ten years, I learned that my father, John William Galt, was not a blood Galt. He was adopted into the Galts way back in the wake of WW2 (Dad was born in 1940, and his father was a prisoner of war, thought dead on the battlefield. Grandma remarried into the Galt's, and Dad would later relent that family "never really treated him like a Galt." Which irked me, but also made sense why we never vibed with them in family reunions.)

Upon this revelation, I pondered upon potential name-change ideas. Nothing of significance came to me in this time (but plenty of lame ideas did), until our marriage, and then I was inspired.

In our vows, I expressed how important teamwork and mutual respect are going to be for us as we raise a family. She had long prepared to ditch her last name, but I had a problem with the history of that tradition. Of men obtaining ownership of the wife, and that person (then, property) would reflect the name of the man. Almost erasing her family history by delegating it to a "maiden name."

I'm a feminist, a romantic, and a creative that wanted to do something cool and original. So my "Galt" and her "Pineda" became merged into "Galneda" No hyphen, just straight-up permanently fused. It required a lot of trips downtown for me to get the paperwork squared away, but we are now legally the first Galnedas. My best friend even bought us a small deed of Scottish land to make us officially "Lord Galneda" and "Lady Galneda" respectively which I think is extremely cool. All that I need to do now is to draft our official coat of arms and do whatever else to officialize a new family being created.


The timing of our marriage was really surreal in hindsight. Covid hit the US and it brought her and I closer together. My cat Rag was getting ill with something effecting his kidneys or liver- repeated vet visits, at a time when I was really struggling with money, only clarified what he didn't have; it wasn't feline leukemia, it wasn't this, it wasn't that, but my cat was getting thinner and thinner. He died literally one week before my wedding. It was a tremendous loss to me, but I did everything I could to nurture him and make his time on earth as peaceful as possible. I'm certain that cat knew he was loved.


2019, my brother Eddie passed away due to complications of diabetic ketoacidosis and kidney failure. He flatlined right around the same time a tornado had ripped through north Dallas, very close to the hospital he stayed at, by sheer coincidence. I am the youngest of my father's four boys, and Eddie's death marked the first of us to go. He was the second oldest. The brothers have never been the same, and neither have I.

This is around the time I began my sobriety. Come October I'll be three years without alcohol. No other intoxicants besides caffeine in me.

2020 took my cat. Yet, in 2021, both my Dad and my Grandmother were visiting the hospital at increasing frequencies. Since Covid, Grandma had been moved into a senior center that restricted socializing so badly that we couldn't visit her. In her depression, her health spiraled, but my mother kept me in the dark as to how she was doing because she didn't want to worry. We lived with my father who was having health complications of his own- now with cirrhosis of the liver, and it was the task of my wife and I to help caretake my father.

Once in 2021, we needed to take my Dad to the hospital, but due to the Covid policies, only one visitor was allowed with a patient at a time. Mom came out after checking on Dad, handed me a stack of papers, and told me to go visit Grandma in the same hospital on a different floor. I was floored, because I had no idea she was also here at this time. What I didn't know was that this was the last time I would ever see her. It was even more mournful than the last time I saw Eddie. Rigged up to machines in a hospital bed.

Eddie was somewhat responsive the last time I saw him. About four or five days before his death. Grandma was not. She was 91, and some short time later, she passed away. The power of attorney issue in the wake of her has been a headache for my mother, but we are finally putting her ashes to rest next month. Driving to her hometown of Lebanon, Illinois.

Meanwhile, my Dad's health worsened.


I changed jobs several times. By the time I made the last post here on Newgrounds, with long hair and portly proportions, I was working night shift freight team for Home Depot. It was a good workout, but the benefits and pay were underwhelming. My writing partner got himself a job doing security for a company called HSS. I applied as well, to discover that this was specifically security for Hospitals. I kept with the nightshift so that Dad had more coverage at home, Julia working construction as an electrician's apprentice during the day, and me handling security at night.


(Here, the before and after of an enthusiastic, freshly shaved guard, and haggard me getting ready to quit this boring place)

This helped a couple of ways. Being hospital security, nobody stopped me to enforce the "one visitor a day" rule on patients. My Dad was entering the hospital more and more around this time. Liver cirrhosis. Although he's been sober since the 80's, decades of drinking prior to his sobriety, poor eating habits, diabetes, and a sedentary lifestyle caught up with him. Seeing him like that brought about a chilling importance for physical fitness and dietary restrictions. I tried to lean hard on him to do the right thing, even though he was pretty belligerent sometimes.

Y'know, even if he was wrong and he was being called out on it, he was from a time where it was pretty normal to square up and try to intimidate people down. He only raised his hand on me once in his life. He swung a cane at me in the middle of an argument, and I caught it with my wrist. It didn't hurt as badly as the observation hurt me that he could get mad enough to do that...but my oldest brother assured me that it used to be much worse. And the love is there for him and it's real, not just out of forgiveness, but out of a glowing respect to how much he has changed for the better.

And there at the end, in 2021, I saw even more change. And yet, I saw the same old belligerence. He would cooperate when we made adjustments to his lifestyle. He would work with us as my mother, my wife, and I made it work. He relied on his cane more and more, and sometimes he would fall. The cirrhosis, it retains liquid that the organs can't process correctly, and it makes him heavier. His legs, atrophied from sitting all day, would give out. When he was bloated like that and he fell to the ground, sometimes two people weren't enough to get him back up.

The cane was replaced with the walker. And when the walker wasn't enough, we rented a wheelchair from the hospital. When it wasn't enough to park the wheelchair at the steps to the porch and walk him up into the house, Julie found a guy, and we replaced those steps with a concrete ramp. We renovated rooms for him, it was a part of a daily routine every morning and every night. And the entire time I helped him, he thanked me and reminded me that he loved me.

I did it for that. I figured, he'd changed diapers for four boys, it was time somebody got his. I also did it, and pushed through the really tough times, by considering it training. This was the crucible for me to navigate that would simulate taking care of a baby, which- at that time, I was not sure if I was ready to do. But here I had a dependent, that necessitated a lot of care and attention at all hours. A dependent that sometimes couldn't articulate what they needed, and one that required specific food with restrictions and clothing and linens and clean up after they made waste. Dealing with waste, dealing with medication, dealing with doctor appointments and navigating them safely to them. Holding them accountable to a plan.

There were days where I didn't know how much more I could take it. That this was unreasonable, and it was too much. But we knew an assisted living situation like a senior center would just be a lonely death sentence for someone as social as him. So we stayed on it. Julie and I switched jobs to work in opposite schedules of my oldest brother, who worked at Texas Instruments. A semiconductor fabrication facility that works three days on one week, and four days on the other. Julie and I worked on one half of the week, my brother on the other, so Dad had full coverage.

Dad believed in a lot of things over the course of his life. He believed in reincarnation, and he believed in ghosts. He swore up and down he lived in a haunted house with a benevolent ghost that he called "Misses White." He theorized ghosts were people that just got left out of the loop in the cycle of life, perhaps willingly, or perhaps they were lost. And in the last decade or more of his life, he was very vocal about how he was ready "for the next adventure." He was tired of it all. Tired of the pain, tired of the boredom, sick of his body failing left and right. Nurses told him his dietary restrictions? He would joke and say "My diet is very simple: if I enjoy it, I can't eat it." Nurses told him he had to exercise more? "I'm a creature of comfort, I don't like pain." So he sat. And he griped. And his learned helplessness evolved into real helplessness.


He was entering the hospital every month toward the latter half of '21. Every two weeks, he needed to be drained through paracentesis. At one point, he was bloating at such a rate that we even tried to argue once a week, paracentesis. And then when we'd sit in on doctor's appointments, he would lie to the doctor claiming everything was fine, but everything was not fine. He'd come out of those paracentesis appointments a completely different belt size, and he would look so frail. Every time it got done, he'd look worse and worse afterwards. He used to have such a booming voice, and he would be reduced to a whisper. He would sit haunched forward in his chair, wilted, and exhausted to greater and greater depths every time, like a fading flame.

He passed away in early January this year. He was born on the fourth day of the fourth month of 1940.


It still comes in waves. It probably will from now on. But this is one of many significant events that have transpired in the past few years. They called me his clone, and I based most of my passions off of his. I have become an author because he was an author. I have become a voice actor because he was a voice actor. I became a martial artist because he was a martial artist. I hope to become a father someday as well. I do what I can to spread his wisdom to others in need of it. He was always the light of the room, outspoken, and passionate for imagination and creativity. I want him to live on, and I can pay tribute to his memory by carrying the torch with his infectious, charismatic spirit. The heart of a storyteller with the voice of a performer.

This Cyanide & Happiness short was his final performance. He is the Cosmic Arbiter. Two for One Todd is me.

He would always say to me, One must let go of what was in order to achieve what can be.

And I've repeated that many times, to myself and to friends as advice. He was always such a psychic entity, he had intuition and gut feelings that were supernatural. He was impossibly attuned to unexplainable things, and it may have saved his and other's lives numerous times. With someone so psychic and so certain of ghosts, I was sure there would be a haunting in the house.

But Julie is in the know on some things as well. I had seen her do this when Rag died, where she opened a window near his body to permit the spirit to be free outside. Dad passed away in our arms, in his room. After she attempted CPR, she made way for the EMT's and opened the window there.

I have to think that maybe he made it out. He's already onto his next adventure, because he is not here. Just as with Eddie's passing, I did not feel him at his ceremony, and I did not feel him in his apartment. It ate away at me for a while, because I'd suspect I was broken, or perhaps numb/blind/deaf to the spiritual energies, but I do not feel Dad's presence. Yet he comes to me in dreams. I have to wonder if it's really him or just what my brain would generate to simulate something familiar. Sometimes I'm aware in the dream, like "Oh, waitaminute, how are you here?" But the dreams are so hazed by forgetfulness, I never remember his response. I can't recall the specifics of our interactions, but I remember him being there. Sometimes in my periphery, just out of sight.

You would think it comforting, but sometimes it's frustrating. I wish I could ask him questions. I wish we could talk more. But I'm trying to find comfort in it, because this is what he wanted. No longer limited by flesh burdened by time, I should be happier that he's free of pain. I know that I am happy sometimes, but lately the dips have been blindsiding me.

I am in midair between points in my life, and I am still discovering just what is it that makes me who I am. Who is the person that my wife knows me to be, that contradicts the gremlins in my mind that would have me believe I'm something I'm not. The sins of my father are not mine, and I am not his clone. I am not him, nor am I better or worse. I am different, and my thoughts are my own. His burdens are not mine to bare. The gifts he's bestowed onto me do not belong to him. I'm not obligated to make the same mistakes that he made, and I can find new ways to achieve my chief definitive aim in life.

I can do it all for me. But I can also do it in his honor. And I'll do it the best that I can.

I have goals. I feel the warmth of destiny intensify with every passing day. I hear the grains of sand spill within the hour glass. I've been writing this post for far too long.

With my strong and beautiful wife at my side, it's possible. All of my goals are within reach. I just have to put in the work and the time.

I'm ready for what's next.

Thanks for stopping by <3



Posted by Galneda - September 18th, 2020

Been a while, folks! I got lots to catch up on so I'll try to keep it lean.

First, I got engaged! I'm about to be married y'all! She proposed to me last month and I happily said yes! Wedding has yet to be announced, we're thinking to schedule it once we got a timeframe that the pandemic will calm its tits. But I'm excited to plan our future with such a strong, encouraging, and loving force of nature that she is. I really got someone worth fighting for, and it feels wonderful. <3



My old computer has finally shit the bed, and the great guys over at Dissection Studios built me a brand new, powerful rig with a built in capture card. So we're still gonna be streaming over at DAMMGames on Twitch! I got a plethora of PC titles in mind before I get the cables necessary to get my PC to talk to my consoles, and then shit'll really get wild.


I am a published author and I'm making books! Currently we're writing a sci-fi war epic called Umbra's Legion. Two writers, two opposite perspectives of the same conflict. My writing partner composes his story behind the righteous military guardians, the Canid race of the CSDF. I write from the perspective of the tyrannical conqueror simian empire of Getra. It's basically like a gritty Starfox that says "Fuck" often and has a lot of Gundam elements on the Getran side and a lot of Battlestar Galactica on the Canid side. A lot of horror and tension on the battlefield kind of theme. We're making our own original Star Wars, and we already have a total of four books available on Amazon Kindle. Two from his side, and two from mine. We're both working to get our #3's out before the year is up, so keep your eyes peeled here for updates on that! You can check out our HELLA cheap existing short stories in the links below!


I am making t-shirts on TeePublic! Thinking about launching a Patreon for commission requests, but in the meantime, I'm upping production on just doing whatever I feel like. Shirts that I would wear, and hopefully others would find cool enough to wear or gift to cool friends! Here's a link to the shop, and below are a few art portal submissions of shirts that I've made.

As I write this, there isn't a whoooole lot to show, but that is already poised to change; the goal is to knock out one every week. I even have a few Umbra's Legion ideas to throw into the store, so keep checking back. Or poke me with a stick if it hasn't moved in a while- I tend to get distracted. If you've got some ideas for some shirts, lemme know in the comments below!


Lastly, I've been voicing in WAAAY MORE THINGS lately, and I couldn't be happier. In the recent Elon Musk jam, I voiced in two different shorts here on NG. One got Frontpaged and the other got Daily 5th!

My buddy from Explosm entertainment, Connor Murphy, has returned to Newgrounds and is uploading his own independent animated shorts. I was happy to voice in at least two of 'em so far!

I voiced a role in a Deus Ex mod, this Lowbrow studio short as the voice of Starfox, and I've been auditioning with Linda McAlister talent agency all year! But I think I am the most proud to land a role in Mike Salcedo's baby, Explosm Entertainment's The Stockholms, as the voice of Jasper. My biggest role yet, and I get to perform in the leagues of Nolan North (Uncharted), Zach Hadel (Psychicpebbles), and Chris Sabat (Vegeta, AllMight)! Be sure to check it out!


I'll be sure to post a new news post more frequently, this was something I had been putting off updating for way too long. Follow, add me on Twitter and Instagram @Phobotech, let's get work done! If you need me for a voice in your thing, I'm more than likely down! Stay safe, keep it real, I love y'all!



Posted by Galneda - January 30th, 2020

Hey y'all! We're looking for followers so we can subject more people to our buffoonery online. Check us out on Twitch where we'll play games like Battlefield V, Apex Legends, Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operations 2, Metal Gear Solid 5, and more!

Why, as we speak, Baker from Youtube's "Swatters" is throwing down on the Megaman X Legacy Collection. Give us a follow and stay up to date on our shenanigans!




Posted by Galneda - January 1st, 2020

As I type this, I'm up to date with Cyanide & Happiness short animatics. The only things left in that realm are my segments for the Cyanide & Happiness Show. That includes stuff from the tail-end of Season Too, when I was first hired, and way more from Season 3 and the recent Season 4. You can see some Season 3 stuff in my previous demo reel.

With more stuff done from Season 4, and working with Lowbrow Animation studios on WWE Storytime, I'm due to update my demo reel as well! On top of that, I also need to get back into the saddle doing finished, polished animations again. I think there's been something missing in fulfillment lately because I'm, at the core of me, an animator trying to fit into an animatics-shaped hole. I want to return to animation and make cool looking shit for folks.

On top of that, I've been writing more on Umbra's Legion. We are now published on Amazon Kindle, here's my partner's, here's mine. More books are on the horizon, and LENGTHIER books as well with some really exciting stuff in 'em. Since I'm the artist of the two, I've also been making book covers. Expect to see those in the art portal.

I'm going to crank out more art in general, and of what, I don't really know yet- I'm becoming all too aware it's a numbers game, and I need to crank those numbers up. Expect more mechs and starfighters because I love doing that kind of stuff, and that's also topical to Umbra's Legion.

I might be making more raps as I bump or recreate the Phoboflow Rap Battle thread, and practice my rap chops for shits and grins.

I'm learning video editing as well, I'm establishing websites for my many different hats, and I'll probably upload a new voice over reel because it's time to ramp up professional voice-work at long last.

Here's to looking out! Looking forward to showing y'all what I got. Happy New Year!


Posted by Galneda - April 26th, 2019

Here's a demo reel that includes some of my favorite animatic shots from some early shorts and Season 3 of The Cyanide & Happiness show, which you can enjoy on VRV.

Additionally, I also uploaded the first animatic that I ever worked on for Explosm, way back in 2016. Winston the Worm!

Support the official release by checking to see how the final product came out!

Keep checking back here, I'm going to make concerted effort to upload more things when it gets slow over here. I'm mirroring the uploads over to my Youtube channel as well in case they get removed here for temp music reasons.

Honestly, just strip my profile of monetization so it stays up- I'm just posting it to have an archive of what I've done.

I hope you enjoy! Vote 5!




Posted by Galneda - April 3rd, 2019

I did a dramatic reading of the Horny Michelin Man tweets.

Stick around for a while and let me murmur sweet nothings into your ear holes.



Posted by Galneda - December 9th, 2018

Hey! I've been a guy on the couch for my buddy's Dark Souls 3 Let's Play, and in the most recent episode, we fucked up and forgot to hit Record on the game footage. 

So what I did was I animated / animatic'd the audio, and it was a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy it!




Posted by Galneda - June 4th, 2018

Hey there! My name's Geoff Galt, and I worked for Cyanide & Happiness...and yeah, "worked" past tense. They're going through restructuring and I had been hired to work on a season of a show. I worked on the tail end of Season 2 and the entirety of Season 3 of the Cyanide & Happiness Show, and Purgatony from Blackpills. After that it was like a year of nothing but shorts, and the studio had quite a bit of overhead on their hands, so...they fought to get another show up and running but ultimately ran out of time and I went from full-time to freelance. I hadn't been updating these in a while, so this might be a big one. But read along and check out some of the stuff I've done with Explosm! Previous news posts have even more!

CPR, I was just the voice of the dummy. I believe this was the first animatic our new hire Connor Murphy had worked on. He's gone on to write and direct shorts.

Gym Class was a weird one. A lot of people from the office had taken a week off to vacation over at Boulder, Colorado (which was extremely fun and relaxing) but the deadline for this short was not adjusted at all...so when we all came back in to work, this short needed its animatic done in two days. 

What resulted from that was every animatic artist pitched in on this, and I helped divvy the shots. But it was really cool, if not hectic, for us all to throw down on a short and it made it's deadline. Mike Salcedo is uncredited, but he also helped clear up a few shots. 


I had a lot of fun as the drunken dad in The Punishment, and there were coworkers that loved the degree of outrage in the "SMOKING, JONATHAN!?" delivery. I'm a big fan of how the last line came out, lol

This was the first animatic I got to work on after Season 3 of the Cyanide & Happiness show. I was so stressed out around this time, and getting to work on shorts again was kinda therapeutic in a way. 

Back at it again voicing Dads in The Shelter.

In a really unexpected turn, here's a Mini that's a Final Fantasy 7 parody and I was fucking STOKED to be the voice of Sephiroth, but I was actually fighting a mucus-ladened cough when I got in the booth and I was really disappointed with the timing of that. It's just a Mini short, but I feel like if I was in better shape, I could've done a better Sephiroth.

I worked closely with Dave McElfatrick to get this weirdassed short out, lmao.

I did the animatic for The Joke Book, and I tried hiding a lot of references in the kid's piles of junk in his room. Some made it through, like the plush F Bomb, Mega Mom comic book cover, and Painbot from Season 3 of the show, others were added by our background artist, including the Cory Scroll from Season 3, Episode 3.

Alright, so this one was a blast to work on and it had been lost in developmental hell for a few months- Ow My Dick was a running joke in the studio as to just how bad and repetitive our shorts could get, so this was taking the piss out of the fact that Ow My Dick killed the studio. I play the Redneck that appreciates that kinda stupidity and I needed to learn how to drive stick specifically for the short.

I've been a biker for seven years, so the concept wasn't wholly beyond me, but I was driving Jon's red pickup, Randy the Ranger (RIP.) and somewhere there are tons of bloopers where I just drop the accent and I get mad at the car for not cooperating with what I'm trying to do. When I slammed on the brakes, that's real. It was so fucking hot that day, and for a lot of the shots inside of the truck, we had to keep the engine off. I felt the worst for Dave, Irish born, insisting on wearing coats and blazers, in absurd Texan summer heat...know when you see our sweat glazed faces, we were suffering, but the whole thing turned out really funny and it was a fun thing to work on in the end.



I was extremely proud of how The Fire Whisperer came out. In the animatic, I drew the lady as a baldie to save time, and over time I thought she looked really cute without hair. It's still a little weird watching this and she has hair after the fact.

I play an emotional dad with a moustache in this one. Beth's line "Look at all that TRASH" became a running gag around the office for a while.

I made another little on-camera appearance as a Satanist in this one. It wasn't long after this short I decided to give up my quest of having long hair because I think it just looks sweaty and gross in this.

Some comment asked why I was wearing running shoes and I responded so I could be "Runnin' With The Devil"

I'm the ad voice for the Deck Enhancement in the beginning, and I'm the voice of Fatty Bones Malone in this short.

And that's about it for now due to Newgrounds news posts having limited embeds. More will come, and I've worked on plenty more animatics and voice roles before I left Explosm that haven't been released yet. I think the shorts were about 6 or 7 months out ahead of schedule in the pipeline, but now that the format has changed so they're releasing shorts every other week, then I might not see the short I just wrapped up until next year, definitely. 

I also voiced a couple of characters in the game that's Kickstarted, so that'll be around the corner for sure. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such funny and creative, smart and enlightening people. That office was just incredible and I'm going to miss that environment dearly. I have a few jobs lined up that I'm going to be checking out, but I'm defintely hurt from just...the end of an era. I mean, I've made friends for life in that studio and it's not the last time I'll get to see them, which is what I'm primarily scared of...just losing contact. 

I'm just new at this, I guess...this is my first official, paycheck job and they're just going through some restructuring. Agents that were supposed to seal the deal on a show for me to work on just weren't fast enough I guess. That or they decided to take the shows to Canada where it was cheaper to produce or I could on and on about speculative nonsense. There's no one to really blame here in this situation...but goddammit I loved my job. I loved my time there. And I really, really grew as a person and as a creative from all of this. I am not the same man I was three years ago.

Thanks for reading and watching! Here's moving forward, straight ahead.



Posted by Galneda - November 2nd, 2016

Hi, my name's Geoff Galt, and I do animatics and voice overs.


Had a lot of fun animating the animatic on this one, for temp music I used Rick James' "Give It To Me Baby" and now a few coworkers can't hear that song the same way ever since.


On this one I merely provided the voice of the guy who says "Sure" and screams his head off. Ever since this one, I've been cast in more screamy roles.


...With the exception of this one, where I voiced the makeout man.


I had a TONNNN of fon making the animatic on this one. They preserved a lot of custom poses and art that I implied through it, and I'm super proud of how it turned out.


A lot of complicated camera movements in Sweet Flips. A lot of violence in this one! Very challenging to frame.


Annnd really happy with how The Farmer turned out. Not only did I animate the animatic, but I'm also the voice of the Farmer himself! They pretty much preserved exactly how I drew the cows, and kept in a lot of custom, slightly off-style facial expressions I left on him. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to update y'all with the next volley of shorts! I've voiced in other minis and voiced in other minor roles on the show and the shorts in between these here, but too brief to worth mentioning. 

See y'all later!


Posted by Galneda - August 5th, 2016

If you didn't know already, I work full-time with Cyanide & Happiness doing animatics. Here's a collection of shorts I've worked on just to keep y'all up to date!


Using Forrest Gump music as temp music has become a running joke in the office, and Fist Fight was the first short I started doing that in. 

The final design of the horse is almost exactly what I drew in the animatic, lmao.


Had a lot of fun with this one, Bill Jones improved the hell out of the acting.


One of the first shorts the office did in ToonBoom as opposed to Flash / Adobe Animate. Noticeably smoother...totally threw my buddy Jon Murphy for a loop with the smoke effects, and he figure it out.


Had loads of fun on this one, and this is one of the few shorts I see being siphoned on facebook. A lot of character design choices I threw into the animatic made it through to final.


I had so much fun with the art on this one! As silly as it is, it's been one of my favorites to work on. I'm also the voice of the astronaut with the jetpack!

Will keep y'all posted as more develops!