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I've done animatics for Cyanide & Happiness, Purgatony, and WWE Storytime! I'm also a voice actor that's performed roles in One Piece, Gundam: Witch from Mercury, & Smite!
Check out my sci-fi novel, Umbra's Legion on Amazon Kindle!

Geoff Galneda @Galneda

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Collin College

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Latest News


It's been a minute, folks! So here's what's been going down, and what will soon be going down.


First off, I've been voice acting way way more. That speed has been picking up like crazy. I got my foot firmly into the Crunchyroll English Dubbing roster, and I've been getting auditions lately for some exciting new projects!

The most unexpected role I landed was actually a couple of background characters in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury!


This Bridge Officer was heard in Season 2 - Episode 11

I got all of my credits on my IMDB page here, where you can scope out the specifics of roles I've been doing in One Piece, Vinland Saga, Black Summoner, and more. I bring this up, because I'm eager in diversifying my roster of performances. I want to test and develop my range, so there's a high chance that I would be thrilled to voice for your project if you got one that needs a voice! Just shoot me a PM! Let's make something cool together!

Here is an already outdated roster of a bunch of VO's I've performed over the years.


Hell I don't even look like that anymore. I think that pic is a year or two old.

Naturally, I'm still working with the Cyanide & Happiness boys. Animatic work has slowed down, but voicework hasn't!

I'm the super short Admiral in Stage Fright.

I returned as Fattybones Malone (and another Fattybones Malone short should be coming out soon!)

They're even releasing stuff from Season 3 of The Cyanide & Happiness Show that I did a lot of voicework for!


I've been ramping up my collaboration presence last year, and that's spilled over into this one. @WesMakowski is a glutton for work, and already getting things set up for his next collab while the final missing scenes are coming together for the El Dorado ReDialed Collab! I've animated a scene for it, and you can hear my voice as Tzekel Khan throughout!

I've already agreed to work on the next movie Dial Up Studios is assembling (announcement pending! I've selected no scene to animate, but I'm auditioning for voice roles!).

I'm also assembling a fun Transformers short for the Newgrounds animated Transformers Collab. Organized by @CrockettDK and by the looks of the Discord Chat, it's going to be a fun one! I'm especially excited for being able to voice Hot Rod for @MindChamber's short!


(This is just concept art, but I admire the drip.)


@Indigo-Bluez and I have something cooking up! We've been trading project ideas back and forth and are hoping to help each other out with a few of them soon. @VoicesByCorey and I have been in correspondence, and I'm hoping to get his voice talent in on some of my originals!


Bill Jones of TheBackNine is picking up some serious momentum on his golf animated series, where I play the voice of Bobby Pelican! His YouTube channel recently hit over 2K Subscribers, and more episodes are underway!



Connor Murphy from "The World Is Flat Comics" and Cyanide & Happiness has been churning out a lot of focus on two brand new animated IP's. One of which is still secret, and the other is not as secret, but still hasn't been announced- but I've already recorded voices for a character in that first episode, so keep an eye on his channel for announcements!



The biggest meat and potatoes of this post is I'm excited to announce that I'm being integrated more and more into @Delfrig's YouTube sensation, Number Lore series. I was first brought on to do effects animation for No.3.

Now that we're all working on No.4, the pipeline is getting a lot more structured so that we can knock these installments out in a more timely fashioned. With that, I've been entrusted to participate in the pre-production stage, and I'll also be handling some shots and entire scenes in the production phase.

I'm thrilled to be able to show you what I've been working on after its release, because its some of the best looking stuff I've ever done so far, and Mike and Connor are doing incredible things in Four. I'm ecstatic for this show's trajectory, and I'm hoping that you guys are gonna be stoked when you watch it!


In between working on collab projects and Number Lore (which is the main gig at the moment) I'm finally getting the ball running on Jar.

This year is gonna be the year where that pilot will be made. I'm already calculating a budget as I'm writing the screenplay for that first episode. It'll be validating to finally get something that's mine off the ground, and I really hope that people like it enough to want more of it!

It'll appear with a new name, Neurojar. Stay tuned for updates!



I'm also going to be submitting some more graphic / illustration art throughout the year; I really feel like I need to keep that knife sharp. I'm going to be cultivating an ArtStation profile, in the bid to legitimize myself as a professional in this industry. I'm gonna take the time to learn Blender, learn how to compose basic ambient music soundtracks so I can lay down something that can fit the specific timing of a scene that I'm animating, and more fun stuff is gonna come out between here and my YouTube channel.

Or my other YouTube channel.


So if you haven't already, subscribe to both, and if you see something by me, vote honestly, leave me some feedback- in the review space, tell me what you liked about it and what didn't work for you, and in the comments, feel free to say hello or ask me questions! I'm usually pretty quick to respond.

Thanks for reading! I'm getting back to work!



Available for Work

Professional Voice Actor, Ready to Collab!

I am a multi-voice talent that has been working professionally since I was a child.

You can view my imdb here, but to summarize, I've been doing voicework in video games and animation for a long time. Games like Deus Ex, and Smite and animations like The Stockholm's and The Cyanide & Happiness Show!

I'd like to keep that sword sharp and lend my voice to your project!

PM me first and lemme know what you have in mind!



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