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Spring 2023? But it's already summer!

Either way, great job! Looking forward to your continued success!

Credits for the music used in the trailer?

By the way, if you ever need a voice actor, I'd be down to help! Let's collab!

You're second to none!

Go, team, go!

Fucking amazing job. Standalone quality on this one, the whole team should be proud of this gross-ass masterpiece.

Somebody send this to Junji Ito.

Swinging at every ball here, if you guys ever need another voice just to diversify roles, I would be thrilled to throwdown for the credit. I love horror, and I've always wanted to perform in a horror role with a ridiculous twist.

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What revolver has 19 shots in it, and uses a "clip?"

It's not very challenging. I don't think the shields actually deflect the bullets, and the only melee enemy that'll actually do me any damage are the blonde white guys. The little antler gremlins can just pile up at my feet, and do nothing to my health. The zombies don't attack either. The only threat to my health are the ranged attackers and you just click them a bunch. Without any diversification in the environment, this gets boring pretty quickly.

MaxonClakson responds:

The Zombies and Gremlins are not meant to do any damage at all and serve more as a training enemy, and despite it's appearance, the revolver is not actually a revolver but a pistol designed to look like one. The shield also blocks bullets if you time it correctly.

That's the cleanest circle clicker I've seen in a long time. Good job!

I'm guessing there isn't a win-state or a fail-state? I was chasing enemy ships just to see if I could get a game over. I think moving forward, it would be beneficial to have an endcap on the game, one way or another, win or fail.

Sepnome responds:

Thanks, this game is still in development. Im hoping to add new features.

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Touched my heart. The only time I was ever a moderator was on the General BBS, and it's gone.

I had even been curating a new thread for days to open up discussion about the military, and it's lost. When I tried to re-open the tab, all of it got autodeleted. It is a question that'll never be asked.

Hopefully this charges activity into people's review-spaces and news blogs. That traffic just finds somewhere else to be, because that's all that COULD happen. Somehow, I know this will benefit the community here. Just doesn't seem like it yet, but it will.

This came out great! Everyone killed it with their respective impersonations, can't wait to work with y'all again!

VoicesByCorey responds:

If you’re down to help out with the new one just let me know Geoff! 😁

You both are kings! Thank y'all so much, this was a lot of fun! I'll use a better microphone next time, lmao. Thanks for going through editing this, I apologize for talking so, so much. I think I even interrupted a few times, I'll get better about that moving forward.

Much love, stay safe, THRIVE! Let's collab on something soon!


DomAndFroShow responds:

Dom got a new mic and we tried a new system where we both record with audacity at the same time and it worked beautifully. In 2 episodes the quality will go through the roof in comparison.

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*unloads with every gun he has*
*misses every shot on a stationary, uncamouflaged target standing in the middle of the street*

08th MS Team was a one-of-kind, and I loved that Ez8.

Oh man! That music video came out so good! You and your team (even if the other teammates were simply Tenacious D!) Knocked it the hell outta the park! I hope this rockets up a lot of momentum for you. Keep the ball rolling!

Big fan of the triangle miniguns. Love the environment, and the head unit design is really strong. The neck plating is really interesting, and I love it when mecha incorporate designs like the mounting holes at the neck that imply it's towable or paradropped in.

The torso plate is pretty flat no matter which way you look at it. Seems pretty straightforward how that hatch just kinda Angler Fish opens and badda-bing, badda-boom, torso shot is probably a pilot kill. I know this ain't your design, this is a commission, but where design aspects are running a little flat, the shading is top-notch and the color choice was wise. I kinda wish the whole mech matched the OD green found on the gun. Them Zekes had it right with the military drabs, but hey, a broken clock is right twice a day :P

Great job!

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