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*unloads with every gun he has*
*misses every shot on a stationary, uncamouflaged target standing in the middle of the street*

08th MS Team was a one-of-kind, and I loved that Ez8.

Oh man! That music video came out so good! You and your team (even if the other teammates were simply Tenacious D!) Knocked it the hell outta the park! I hope this rockets up a lot of momentum for you. Keep the ball rolling!

Big fan of the triangle miniguns. Love the environment, and the head unit design is really strong. The neck plating is really interesting, and I love it when mecha incorporate designs like the mounting holes at the neck that imply it's towable or paradropped in.

The torso plate is pretty flat no matter which way you look at it. Seems pretty straightforward how that hatch just kinda Angler Fish opens and badda-bing, badda-boom, torso shot is probably a pilot kill. I know this ain't your design, this is a commission, but where design aspects are running a little flat, the shading is top-notch and the color choice was wise. I kinda wish the whole mech matched the OD green found on the gun. Them Zekes had it right with the military drabs, but hey, a broken clock is right twice a day :P

Great job!

Known for it's French Excellence

Well soup...yourself. heheh

Annual reminder for those that don't know, the guy who sung this song shot a Vegas cop, and as he ran, he broke into an apartment and tried to hold the two dudes inside hostage. They escaped, so he barricaded himself inside, which initiated an 11 hour standoff. Snoop Dogg, related to him on his wife's side of the family, recorded an attempt to talk him out of it. But it was in vain, because he took his own life.


"Eleven hour standoff
Eleven hour standoff
Eleven hour standoff with LVMPD"

After she rolled her ankle in the ring, she just kept eating while she healed. Eventually tying her shoelaces became too strenuous and one day she just hung up the boxing gloves and never put them back on.

Years of overeating and underexercising tipped the balance of her health equilibrium so far to one side that all of her organs became strained. Atop of regular accidental injuries while performing mundane daily tasks, her respiratory issues came with cardiac issues. Digestive problems evolved into diabetes, and then her kidneys started to falter.

One day during a routine dialysis appointment, she tried to think about when did it take such a dramatic turn, because she had vivid memories of being active and in-shape. All she could remember was a photoshoot with cake; a timelapse project with a Cardbordtoaster.

She languished with her obesity for the rest of her short life.

"The brightest stars burn the quickest" was engraved on her urn, where her boxing gloves were delicately mounted.

Cardbordtoaster responds:

"You can now play as Luigi!"

I loved how they upped the horror with him, they did a great job, and this piece does a lot to capture how metal he was. Great art!

I kinda wish the piece was a little wider/broader in scope, because with the viewpoint condensed between his blades, it feels a little cramped. Like, me as a viewer, I kinda want to scrunch my shoulders up just to fit in the window. This also constrains how dynamic you can make him appear, because all we have is his head, the cloak, the blades and what they're destroying.

He was always at his most menacing when we could see how he was so totally in control of the situation. He's a giant compared to Puss. He is stillness in the distance. He is relaxed in his approach.

But then again, when he's right up on you, he's lethally fast. Which is exactly what this piece captures. The motion blur on his sickles are done in such a way that the reflectivity of the blades still reads really well, even taking into account of shading as the lightsource is obstructed on the bottom right tip. The red sparks matching the flare of his eyes are a great touch, and I'm in love with the grit in the texture of the highlights.

Was this done in Photoshop or Clip Studio Pro? How did you achieve that texture in the lighting?

LucHD responds:

It was done in procreate

Excellent camo pattering. Love the detailing on the weapons. Inspiring work

Deep breaths and serene reflection. Great work, love the subtle camera wobble. Lighting is on point. Someone get the bard a drink

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