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Galneda's News

Posted by Galneda - March 2nd, 2010

Check out my friend's newest video...the two-man band known here as The Phuss!

Leave 'em some love!

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Posted by Galneda - February 25th, 2010

You can check out my last news post to see how I'm keeping up with school at the moment, but now my focus is on the stop-motion animation project for History of Animation.

We got one week. (SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIIIIT!)

Due Wednesday evening, I gotta get a short stop-motion animation underway. I'm going to take an unorthodox approach to it; most people are going to be using claymation or action figures...even just moving inanimate objects to create the illusion of animation.

...But I'm not most people. What I want to do is to physically draw the character/characters onto paper, frame-by-frame, and do something sort-of Don Hertzfeldt-y, by incorporating folds, crumples, rips, and wrinkles onto the paper surface for the sake of animation.

The shitty part? I have yet to write any of the story on paper. (SHIIIIIT!!!!!!) I'm storyboarding the whole thing today, and hopefully getting my Photography buddy to help me shoot it tomorrow, the day after, and/or Sunday. I'm nervous as hell...and this shall truly be a test in how I manage my time.

I intend to compile every shot into flash, adjust the frame-rate appropriately, and sync up the sounds to play with flash, in hopes to submit it to NG when it's completed. If that deadline is that quick, you may be seeing a new submission from me sooner than you think! :D

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Posted by Galneda - February 21st, 2010

Some soothing listening music for you to jam to while you read...

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Before, I was taking 15 credit hours, so I dropped the class I was doing the worst in to free up some of my time, and save some gas (that being 3D Modeling & Rendering II; I was a whole project behind.) So that freed up a little tension, and I'm back on track.

3D Animation class is going to prove challenging with our upcoming project. Not having the program to mess around with at home, I'm finding it slightly difficult to retain the wealth of information necessary to perform even basic tasks. I'll find a way to make it work, but it makes me nervous. Practice makes perfect, right?

My Digital Imaging class is provoking some profound thoughts in their lectures...this is more attributed to the professor of the class, Jay Schuh, than it is in our photoshop assignments of course, but it's really healthy for me. My notes are crowded with wisdom, and my homework is stacking up like crazy (in fact, I should PROBABLY start knocking out one of the numerous assignments for that class when I get done here.)

I got Schuh for History of Animation class as well, and I have yet to solidify what exactly my stop motion animation short will be about; it's all been vague ideas, and I need to decide on something and put it on paper. Luckily, I have time...but I won't for much longer.

But my flash class...hoho. I'm three weeks ahead of schedule, and the Nike ad from my last news blog received an A+. While my classmates are conceptualizing and storyboarding what their character animation is going to look like, I'm thirteen seconds into animating mine. I intend to visit the lab as often as possible to knock this thing out; the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can submit it to the portal.

The goal is for my caveman animation to rake in my first Daily 1st solo submission...I would laugh out loud if some NG big-shot submits something incredible on the same day I submit. Ten bucks says it would be something fifteen seconds long from Cyanide & Happiness.

I got some buffer time from the looks of things in the Lady Noir collaboration, so I can focus on Photoshop homework and getting to work on this stop-motion animation project. I'm kind-of liking the new level icon, so I care less about voting daily now.

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(This was knocked out as a quick homework assignment. The assignment was to draw a robot in photoshop utilizing the shape method; starting with basic shapes, and fleshing them out. Do you think it's Art Portal worthy, or just a decent experiment?)

Kickin' ass, and counting teeth!

Posted by Galneda - February 13th, 2010

I passed the assignment in flash class with the Nike Ad I finished a week ago! I'm totally stoked for the next assignment, because as you guys know I haven't submitted a flash to the portal all year.

Well here's the deal;

-My Monday class is 3D Animation I. Our assignment is to complete a basic 3D animation, and I got something pretty clever concocted involving an incompetent Junebug.

-My Wednesday class is History of Animation. Our big project we're focusing on is completing a stop-motion short, which I have the intention to compile within flash.

-and My Saturday class is Flash I. The assignment she has us working on is completing a character animation, and the skies the limit. Never being short on ideas, I'm thinking about doing a ridiculous Warhammer 40K Space Marine skit, or if I REALLY wanted to go above and beyond the call, animating a Caveman storyboard I did for my Storyboard mid-term last semester. (This caveman's trying to go after this hot amazon, and fucks EVERYTHING up.)

If you've been counting, that's 3 possible submissions before summer hits us...and I'm just getting warmed up!

-Still got the credits sequence pending for the Lady Noir collaboration.
-STILL gotta finish the Starfox flash my buddy Hogabeast and I have been working on.
-STILL want to animate Doom: Repercussions of Evil.
-STILL gotta finish my Lady Noir short.
-and I still got love for the streets. It's the Pho-bo-tech.

(that was lame. I apologize)

Next semester I'm going to be taking a slightly lighter load, so I can have time to work on building a portfolio, here on NG, that I can show my potential for animation studios when I get outta school.

Gotta knock 'em out. That's the name of the game!

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Posted by Galneda - February 6th, 2010

I feel rather accomplished. The professor in my flash class is pleased with the Nike Advertisement flash I made for homework.

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/060210 /50743_Nike.php

I finally learned how to keep a flash from looping...and if you noticed, the entire ad was a clickable link to Nike's website. With each day I work on something flash related, I become more comfortable with the program. I hope to submit a solo submission sometime very soon.

Meanwhile, I still gotta knock out those credits for the Lady Noir collab, but then again, I also need...y'know...CREDITS...lol. The deadline RedHarvest set up for the collaborators is tomorrow, and he wants it submitted by Valentines Day. I'll try to knock them out in a day or two after the SuperBowl.

I also figured out something I can easily do, CHEAPLY, for the stop-motion animation homework for "History of Animation." inspired by Don Hertzfeldt, it'll be hand drawn on white paper, as the characters interact with each other through hand-made ripples/folds/tears in the paper. Maybe even interacting with each other with live props on top of the paper. Additionally inspired by JohnnyUtah's experiment with stop-motion, I can do this with a camera on a tripod looking at an angled mirror so objects on the paper can be flat. I have a friend who's taking photography at the same community college I'm going for animation, and he has the camera, tripod, even lighting equipment.

I'm excited to get to work on it! Moreover, I can import each frame into flash where I can lay a soundtrack over it, and submit it to the portal as a flash animation, so you guys can enjoy it too! I gotta jet now; just getting out of flash class, and I'll see you guys later. Tonight and tomorrow? Drinks to celebrate!

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Posted by Galneda - February 4th, 2010

Holy shit.

In my History of Animation class, my homework assignment is to make a 30 second long stop motion animation. I've never done anything like it in my life, and I'm a wee-bit nervous.

I grew up with Nightmare Before Christmas....and hell, one of my favorite series that was so hot on NG when I first signed up were some of Knox's Klaymations, so it's not like I'm unfamiliar with the genre, I'm just entirely uncertain about my ability to do it.

I COULD do something similar to what Knox does, in constructing crude humanoid-resembling blobs and carry out absurd situations, or I could get a bit artsier with it like one of Tool's many stop motion music videos.

/* */
One of the criteras for our short is it has to contain an intense, emotional feeling to carry the story on. I suppose that could be rage, sorrow, bright happiness, love...any of that.

As I type this, I have no idea what I'm going to do. What props I'm going to use, characters, plot, set...I got nothin'...not even a camera. Luckily the homework for next week are 10 prototype frames of our attempt at a stop-motion, so we've got extended time to deal with the full thing.

...STILL nervous....plus, I'm getting anxious to release something into the Flash Portal, but I just haven't had the time lately. Hell, I'm still involved with RedHarvest's collab doing the credits sequence...I'm busy, busy, busy.

Film at Eleven.

Stop-Motion Homework

Posted by Galneda - February 1st, 2010

You can check out my last news post, where you may have missed loads of information.

3D Animation is kicking my ass. I'm finding it very difficult to retain this wealth of information, and I feel like what information I'm getting is blending with my Maya Rendering II class...same professor, same classroom, same software, different material and assignments.

I came into class and I forgot how to add a damned keyframe...had to look it up on Google. I just feel like I could become more fluent with the program if I had the opportunity to mess around with it at home like I do with Flash and Photoshop.

I fear I'm becoming overwhelmed, but this 3D stuff is interesting; I want to learn it, but I'm finding it difficult to learn. Perhaps if I had a similar program at home, this kind of stuff won't seem so alien to me, but I'm worried because I passed a whole semester on basic 3D rendering, and I feel like I retained little of it.

There's gotta be a solution. If my class's progress is at 40/100ths, I'm lagging behind at 20/100ths...there needs to be some way I can at least catch up to the savvy of my classmates, or ideally, become savvier.

Unfortunately, I gotta jet back home after I get done here; I still got an assload of homework that's due tomorrow morning, and I ain't got shit to show for it....*sigh*...and I'm hungry with no money to make matters worse.

Gotta keep my head up. The world belongs to those who show up.

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Posted by Galneda - January 28th, 2010

For those of you who haven't, check out M-Bot by MindChamber and drop him some feedback. I'd say it was a pretty edgy expirement for flash, and the guy keeps on pushing the boundaries on the standards we can expect from NG. He may be right with flash's future being steeped in 3D, even with programs like Swift 3D (as seen in this impressive Star Wars themed Madness Day flash) make that capability not-so far off.

My mind has been on 3D a lot lately; currently typing this on break from my Maya Rendering II class. Our mid-term this semester is rendering two character heads. Our final? Finish our mid-term character's body. Like I said in my last news post, if I got a C for this final from the same professor I have for BOTH of my 3D classes this semester, I'm a little nervous. I just gotta go above and beyond my expectations for myself, and do my best.

While I put my Lady Noir short on the backburner until I get caught up with my assignments, (which there are a fuckton. Haven't had to work this hard in a long time.) RedHarvest had convinced me to do the credits sequence for the collaboration instead, and I agreed. I'm thinking of using some Massive Attack, and I'm likely going to go for "Black Milk"

/* */
Idk...I'm determined to use Massive Attack...most likely something off of Mezzanine.

Meanwhile I'm getting a whole mess of inspiration to dish out more and more work on NG; the best way to get better at any creative project is to just do the damned thing...and I need practice if I'm going to be the 2% of animators that make it big in the world. That means I gotta dish out 10,000 hours into animation to become an expert (That's 3 hours devoted to it every day for 10 years.)

One goal I thought up is to strive for pumping out an animation monthly. Whenever I tell people about my NG account to classmates, I hate that I have to tack on, "But I only got like four or five flashes." The best way to fix that is to just start pumping them out. Lord knows I don't have a shortage of ideas.

Meanwhile, by ways of suggestion from Tom's News Post regarding the new Writing Forums, I gave it a shot, because I'm genuinely excited for the release of the Literature Portal (or Writing Portal as I'm beginning to see it called). After posting up song lyrics I wrote roughly a year ago, the feedback is intensely good! I may never return to the degenerative smorgasbord of retards that is the General BBS seldom if not ever, because I feel like I can relate to the Writing community more.

On an unrelated note completely, my favorite leather jacket got damaged, so I went up to Hobby Lobby, bought an array of sewing needles, black thread, and a thimble, and I repaired it myself for under $5 for a pretty damn good job for a first try, if I do say so myself. I was so stoked, I got the NG patch I had won from the 3rd Annual NG Idol Photoshop Contest and sewed it to the right shoulder, and it too came out looking great. It's only a matter of time where I'll find myself watching something I can multitask to and sew the MindChamber patch I also got on the left shoulder.

(Now I'm on the hunt for an American Flag, Texas Flag, subdued reversed American flag, and St. Andrew's Cross Scottish flag to deck out the sleeves even more. What would be ideal is if the American Flags were straight up black and white...or even sicker, a black and white Texas flag. :D)

All in all, I've been the busiest I've ever been in a while...and a cute classmate of mine has convinced me to dish out the $10 to attend my first Comic-Con in the area, where Adam West will be in attendance. I don't know what to expect, so I'm just going to go as myself...I'm not into the cosplay thing...

.......though Stormtrooper armor would be pretty sweet.....

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The Low-Down; End of January

Posted by Galneda - January 25th, 2010

I gotta say, I'm a little nervous with this whole Maya program thing; last semester in 3D Rendering with Maya I, I got a C on my final (pictured here at the bottom). With this semester taking 3D Rendering II and 3D Animation I, I gotta stay on my toes.

While, for some reason, rendering character heads and bodies in Rendering II seems easier to me than rendering a room, I'm mainly focused on the Animation projects. The Professor today reviewed previous classmate's projects that parallel with what we're about to work on...they all have the same pattern;

-Blank, spacious, desolate backgrounds with minimal details
-(X) bullied by (Y) which is then attacked by (Z) usually in an act of defending (X).
-Soulless, emotionless stares from all characters involved.

To recover from my C in Maya last semester, I intend to kick-ass and count teeth to compensate in both Animation and Maya II. I can start doing this by standing out with a class project that'll take the audience off guard, and make them laugh...switch it up by taking away something that they're used to and offering them something new.

To boot, yesterday was incredibly unproductive for me. Not only did I neglect to work on the Lady Noir flash, but I got homework due for Digital Imaging I tomorrow morning as well as History of Animation homework Wednesday evening. Shit, I still haven't even done the four concept sketches for Maya II yet, but I'm confident I can knock out all of these homework assignments later today.

Not to mention I get chills thinking of how much work still needs to be done on Lady Noir and how much time I have left to do it. I feel like I'm going to get so swamped with school assignments in the near future, I won't have time for collab deadlines for a while. I gotta just balance my time with early semester homework and Lady Noir's animation...at least I'm partaking in RedHarvest's collab in the beginning of the semester while it's still only building up momentum in the homework department.

Deadline's on the 7th of Feb. Gotta get it done. Getcha Pull. Film at Eleven....Do me.


EDIT: I've decided not to push for completing my Lady Noir short for the deadline on February 7th. Here's why.
-Homework takes priority over any flash animation. It stops becoming a matter of mismatched time-management when there's little to no time left to manage. By cutting deadlines off completely, I've made life much simpler.
-My progress working on it was going so slow, even with the great optimism, I'm certain I would've missed the deadline anyway.
-Most shorts are going to be around a minute long if that. I clocked in the estimated time of my short to be 3:00+. By bowing out, I'm essentially saving them from a bulky file-size.
-I was becoming stressed from working on that thing...I really picked a bad time to try and challenge my own skills when I'm challenging my own academics at the same time. I was burning the candle on both ends, and looking at the days tack away while I barely got any work done only depressed me and stressed me out further. Without a deadline to worry about, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
-I will eventually finish my short in my own free time. When I'm allowed to take my time on it, it'll be epic; There's no point in rushing something that has the potential to be greater; I learned that after working on Zone of the Awesome.

Posted by Galneda - January 23rd, 2010

Normally I'd be pretty bitter about having a class on Saturday mornings, but this course is essential to me. I tried taking it at my local community college several semesters ago only to have it dropped due to low attendance...and today it's finally here.

My mind is racing with questions, because although I would like to think I have a head-start over most students that'll be in attendance, there's still so much I don't know. Additionally, I think I'm going to keep quiet about my Newgrounds account in fear that the professor would pressure me into showing the class my work...which, Rorschach's End is too short, WH40K is too big of a load for a tiny part, ZoA has too many inside jokes, and Dick Neck...well.....Dick Neck has a guy getting blown by another guy in it.

To clarify, this happened to me last semester. Dick Neck was a hit with the students, but the Professor was less impressed with spinning, disembodied cocks after some guy-on-guy action.

...*sigh*......I've gotta pump out more flashes soon... lol

Speaking of which, Lady Noir's deadline has been pushed back to February 7th, and to be honest, I'm still uncertain I'll be able to complete in time now that I've gotten homework for every class I've been to so far. Albeit, they're all drawing assignments, so it shouldn't take too much of my time; I'm devoting Sunday to knock them all out at once so I can get back to work on my part for the collab soon.

Also, I'm pretty sure I could knock out a DOOM: Repercussions of Evil flash in short time. Doom:RoE is a legendarily crappy fan-fic of the Doom game universe, and I got a couple of laughs out of reading it. Check out the KnowYourMeme link there and leave in the comments if you think it'd be a worthwhile project!

I'll update later to reflect my thoughts about how class went. :D

Film at Eleven.

EDIT: I just learned how to link to this page through a button in flash! Actionscript isn't nearly as overwhelming as I had previously thought! I'm not enthused enough to learn how to code from scratch, but it's clearing up and devolving from witchcraft to me now. I AM SO EXCITE!

First day of flash class!