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Merry X-mas, Newgrounds!

Posted by Galneda - December 25th, 2009

Being a Star Wars fan, I was anxiously curious when I first read about the Star Wars Holiday Special on I-Mockery many years ago. I laughed, I cried, and I was mildly upset that George Lucas would greenlight such a thing... but, although my curiosity was left satiated from the review, I still never saw the thing. Still, if it's as bad as they said it was, why should I care?

Fast-forward to now. The Nostalgia Critic has succeeded in reviewing many movies and shows. Some I've seen, some I barely remember, and others that I've never even heard of. For the movies I've never seen, though, he's reviewed them so efficiently, that I've felt as if I just sat down and watched it with him..for better or worse...and The Critic has unleashed upon us his video review of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Sorry, Cracked...not only did Nostalgia Critic beat y'all to the punch, but I personally found his to be much, much funnier.

Strap yourself in and watch the Nostalgia Critic's video review on the Star Wars Holiday Special!

I think I'll make it a tradition from now on, every Christmas, I'll screen cap a frame from a current project, and edit it in Photoshop. I did it last year for Zone of the Awesome, and I'll do it this year, by golly!

Everyone be safe out there! It practically never, ever snows where I live, and we got sleet today (OMFG). Slowly driving down the street to gas up my Dad's car still caused a few slides in turns, so everyone drive safe!

Most importantly, be happy! While you're at it, enjoy the holiday!

EDIT: For Christmas, I got money, gift cards, a skeleton to chill out on top of my monitor, a badass tactical flashlight, and a Colt Officer's MK IV .45 handgun! Moreover, we're still having a blast here at the house, and I'm full of very good food. Merry Christmas everybody!


Merry X-mas, Newgrounds!


It's funny, I'm from Michigan, where there is regularly, like, a foot or more of snow.

It snowed 4 inches here in TN a few days ago and people were freaking the fuck out.

None of these people know how to drive in snow. There were accidents everywhere.

People were actually going to Wal-Mart and etc. and stocking up on food, because they were afraid of being snowed in. Keep in mind, there was only a forecasted 5-6 inches.

I was driving down the street and people were coming to nearly complete stops because of a little slush on the road. People would lose control and slide halfway down the road on a spot I lost no traction at.

It was hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

LOL! Dallas drivers seem to react like that in any abnormal weather conditions. It's raining... "OHHH SHIT." It's sleeting.... "OMFG! Dial '91'- into the phone, so when we have a wreck, all we have to do is hit '1'"

But then again, I am one of those that we're making fun of...it pretty much only sleeted today, and I was still intensely worried about spinning out of control, flipping over, and exploding on the road. Damned ice!

...I've always wanted a Colt .45...

Lando Calrissian says "It works everytime..."

Also, your new image thing is cool.

Thank you! I think yours is pretty hot.