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Galneda's News

Posted by Galneda - July 10th, 2010

First of all, Happy Robot Day everyone! I hope to never miss a Robot Day from here on out...after all, I got a chub for mech's. (WHEN THE FUCK IS ARMORED CORE 5 COMING OUT IN THE STATES.)

I'm hoping to start back up in the Fall Semester to knock out Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and a funny third thing (to be decided) but I know now that taking three courses is a comfortable work-load being just busy enough, and still have time to knock out animations.

It's been over a year since Hogabeast and I came up with our Starfox parody...and here we are, and I knocked out my Star Wars themed Robot Day submission in about two and a half days. This is getting ridiculous...I also need to knock out my Caveman animation, originating from a storyboard mid-term A YEAR AGO, and the ideas for animations just keep stacking and stacking...

...hell, at the rate of schoolwork I got going, I may be done with community college by next summer. I need to start churning out animations monthly or bi-monthly. Hell, WEEKLY would be pretty kickass, but that's unrealistic.

Anyway, go and drop some love on Threepio Takes a Bath! Meanwhile? Film at Eleven.


Looking forward to Fall!

Posted by Galneda - June 9th, 2010

The college decided to inform me class for this semester was canceled the day before it began. Not like, "cancelled for the day" ...as in, I'm expecting a refund at the end of the month.

On the bright side, this spares me more time over the summer to really go into hyper-mode and knock out these animations.

Additionally, a good friend of mine provided me with the P90X workout DVD sets, and I'm excited to get to work on that too....it's probably going to kick my ass, but I think it'll be worth it.

Also, of all the fuckin' luck, the tire on my bike is flat AGAIN somehow, and this really pisses me off. I don't want tires that'll last a week any more than I want dealerships trying to fuck me over with overblown prices.

These are annoyances and nothing more...but damn, I'm annoyed.

Time to get whipped in shape!

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Film at Eleven!


Posted by Galneda - June 3rd, 2010

I'm actually really diggin' these new 140x90 icons for flash submissions. Going through all seven of my submissions, screen capping cool looking scenes, and making it work as an icon in Photoshop re-instilled a sense of pride with my work here.

I mean, I don't know if you guys realize this but EVERYTHING I've ever done in flash has been shown here on NG. No lie, that flash test was the first thing I've ever done, and that Caveman preview is indeed the most recent. I'm pumped to get out three or four great flashes for you to watch before the end of the year. After that, EVEN MORE to come.

I'm going to balance working on the Starfox flash and the Caveman flash in hopes to complete one of them by fall. Either way, both of them are far superior to anything I've done before ALREADY. Take a look for yourself on how my frame-by-frame has come along in the Caveman preview, but I'm being intentionally hush-hush about the Starfox parody.

When it comes down to it, though, little news post updates like these just won't suffice anymore. You guys will be demanding more and more for results and not just talk. I'm no politician...I'm striving to become an animator; this is something I want to do for years and years and years to come...and the only way I'm going to get better is by doing more of it. While I gaze lovingly at the submissions I've completed (Yes, even Rorschach's End) I feel they're a tad lonely.

Time to step it up! Film at Eleven!

Posted by Galneda - May 24th, 2010

You can check my last Pews Nost on how last semester wrapped up, but this semester I'm going to try and balance my time with summer activities, school, and knocking out NG animations.

Because I almost overloaded last semester, I'm balancing out by taking a class outside of my certificate program that I know I'll need if I get into the field. My one Adobe Illustrator class would meet up twice a week anyway, so I think that would be a sufficient load while I concentrate also on flash animations in my own free time.

The NG Animations will be imperative more than ever now, though; I drive my Dad around to his voice-over sessions (he's 70 and a prominent voice actor, you've heard him on radio and tv commercials, games like Deus Ex and Prey, and even in movies like Forest Gump) and whenever we're talking to the producers about me going to to community college for animation, they always ask "Do you have a demo reel? I'd like to see it."

...Shiiiit...I gotta hustle on flexing some animating muscles. I'm probably not going to get a job off of Dick Neck and ZOA.

Moreover, I keep coming up with ideas for animations way, WAY quicker than I can knock 'em out. Most of them are original, too, so it's just a matter of finding time to dedicate solely to animation. Somehow getting in a routine like "from here till there on these days, I animate, no exceptions"

I got LOTS of work to do.


Your feedback on the Caveman preview has been outstanding! Doubts I've had have been confirmed, and features I'm proud of have been praised...all that's left is to FINISH THE DAMN THING!

You guys won't be disappointed. The goal is to knock out three solo submissions before 2011...I hate that it's likely to be 1 1/2, but I gotta push myself for speed while maintaining quality...that would ensure a job in the future.

My professor taught me It's like animators have this triangle with the points, "Good, Fast, and Cheap." The client can only get two at a time.

So if it's Good and Cheap, it won't be fast. If it's Fast and Cheap, it won't be good.

I'm hoping to get mine good and fast, that way it WON'T be cheap. :P

Film at Eleven!


Posted by Galneda - May 15th, 2010

Started off the semester with a stubbornly overloaded schedule of:

-3D Animation I
-Digital Imaging (Photoshop class)
-History of Animation
-3D Rendering with Maya II

Before the mid-terms, I dropped both 3D classes, because they were royally kicking my ass. (Hell, 3D Rendering I last semester was kicking my ass.)

The other three classes were incredibly informative. Learned all kinds of neat tricks in Photoshop, picked up an incredibly valuable book about animation, absolutely chock full of knowledge (Richard William's Animator's Survival Kit) as well as learned WHY King Kong was so badass, and Ub Iwerks, Winsor McCay...I could go on and on....

Learned a little bit of programming in flash, mask effects, how to manipulate gradients, and if these different examples aren't any indication that I'm getting more comfortable with frame-by-frame animation...well...here's what I got pending.

-That Caveman preview will soon become the real-deal. My first original animation project.
-Then, Hogabeast and I are finishing up our Starfox parody.
-Finally, I'm going to try to live up to what I intended to do for what would've been my contribution to the Lady Noir collab as a Lady Noir solo project. I'm digging the hell out of Sapphire's voice, so I may get her to reprise her role.

And that's only the beginning! I have another storyboard project from last semester...or I should say two semesters ago, that I've wanted to animate from the beginning. A brief parody here and there, quick joke, something comically informative about myself, and should the fans demand it, possibly a Dickneck sequel.

Like I said, this is only the beginning, with a busy summer ahead of me; I've only signed up for one Adobe Illustrator class that meets up twice a week, but in my free time I'm knockin' out submissions for NG.

Film at Eleven!


Posted by Galneda - May 6th, 2010

-Misunderstanding deadlines, I rushed to complete this character animation project in a little under 3 hours. The professor loved it! I finished it a week early, so he wants me to go back and add color and backgrounds...and I may add a "thud" noise to the end of it as well.

-Little by little, stress is melting off as the semester comes to a close. I finally dropped out of RedHarvest's Lady Noir collab, and I'm looking forward to seeing the thing which I almost became involved in. It's kind of a crappy feeling, invited by Red at the beginning, being involved with it, pumped about it, and then just dropping it.

Btw, if you don't want to read me rant about collabs, scroll down to the bold, underlined letters.

Hell, I was the one that suggested the theme of it being around a femme-fatale. I had an intense story lined-up for what would be my short (which in hindsight, is about as long as most standalone flashes) and even had all the voices recorded for it, but it got pushed back, and pushed back...I dropped out of the collab, and was going to do the credits sequence for them, and never found the time to do that, so now someone else is doing it.

I'm alright with it, it's no big problem. Especially since the entire reason was school kicking my ass, I had to prioritize...but from the get-go, I don't think I'm going to do collaborations of this sort with users anymore.

I'm not talking about collabs like Dick Neck was; that's what a collab should be. Everyone working together to make one final product better...not this disproportionate A.D.D.esque clusterfuck of different skits. You know what I'm talking about, the collabs that the NG staff have inspired users with hits like MGS and Street Fighter...but the NG staff makes it work because they're picking the best of the best out of hundreds of submitted animations.

So the users, thinking they can pull off something similar do things like The Disney Collab, or The Superhero Collab, or any of the numerous music video collabs, but instead of having hundreds of flashes to choose from, they have maybe twenty or ten. Since it's actually pretty difficult to pump out ONE short that looks good with good content, most of the decent shorts are buried by the not-so-good shorts.

I had a pretty good experience with the Warhammer 40,000 collab, but the utter lack of communication irks me. I don't know how Red can knock out collab after collab after collab like that, but it implies he's a glutton for punishment. lol

Call me a hypocrite when I say I can't wait to participate in the next staff-organized collab, because they know what they're doing. (And it's pretty decent exposure. I first heard of FleckoGold from the hilarious finale of MGS 2) But never again with the user-organized "Clusterfuck Collage-type collaborations." ...there's not enough communication, exposure, or money involved for the work required to be put into it. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future, but for now it's just not my thing.

-THE CAVEMAN CHARACTER ANIMATION!!! I got a week 1/2 to knock this bitch out, and I'm nervous because it's becoming one of the most important animations I've done. Not only is it the best looking thing I've animated, but this thing, once finished, could wind up on my demo reel. I'll keep you guys posted on it's progress, because it's likely I'll be completing and submitting it to NG before I tackle the Starfox parody hogabeast and I have been working on since last summer or fall.

-Meanwhile, I've been thinking a lot about the continuation of the Dick Neck saga. When Origins was frontpaged, and got mostly positive criticism, I began elaborating on a sequel...an epic two-parter cinematic event detailing DrForeman's relationship with his mother, the hunt for the Dick Neck, and Lord Turnip's metamorphosis into the bionic killing machine, Prime Turnip...and his imminent battle to the death with Dick Neck. There would be romance, bromance, gratuitous violence and action, and laughs throughout.

Thing is, I don't go onto the BBS at all anymore. I don't know if it's something worth doing. More-over, what I have in mind is vastly superior to Origins in every way, that I fear I'll be cast forever, known as "That Dick Neck guy." Classmates I've never seen in my life have seen the flash without knowing who I am, and my brother's boss recognized "Galt" when he saw it and laughed his ass off...as much as I hate to admit it, but I hear more about the people who love Dick Neck than the one's who despise it.

Still, I wanna know what you guys think on the matter.

Anyway, I'm going to knock out this Caveman animation, and then it's onto Photoshop assignments...oh joy. Film at Eleven!


Posted by Galneda - April 26th, 2010

Catching up on Photoshop homework so I can tackle my major upcoming projects from History of Animation and Flash class with less stress.

The sooner I get these knocked out, the sooner I'll submit something to NG.

At the moment, though, looking at the stockpile of homework to do...well...this about sums up my feelings.

/* */
Film at Eleven.


Posted by Galneda - April 15th, 2010

-Currently hauling ass acquiring Flash CS4 from classmates so I don't have to make the drive and be at the mercy of the computer labs at Quad C's campus. I have limited time to complete my Caveman character animation, and that project has been prioritized over all others.
-I got an "A" for my lightning animation exercise for History of Animation! :D
-...however, while major projects have been dealt with swiftly and efficiently, all of the other assignments for my Digital Imaging I and History of Animation class have been piling up, and very soon I'll need to catch up on them. If anything, that'll mean more art portal submissions like this homework assignment for Digital Imaging I.
-After the important stuff is knocked out, I feel kind of obligated to do my part for RedHarvest's Lady Noir collab, and get this damn credit sequence out of the way. Sad part is I still don't have all the information necessary to complete it...*groan*...This experience is making me incredibly hesitant to participate in similarly structured collaborations in the future.
-No new progress on the Starfox flash, standby and I'll decide which needs to be submitted first; the Starfox parody, or the original Caveman short. Either way, one of those two is next, followed by the other.
-I'm also debating doing a sequel to my experiment in Stop-motion, only this time done entirely in flash so I can properly execute the ending I wanted for the original. Either way, I desperately need to expand my portfolio, one way or another. The only way I can possibly get better at animating is doing it more often.

Anyone else excited for Starcraft II? Thomas, Adam and I have been having some pretty epic matches in the beta version, and I can't wait for the full thing to come out...Terran's ftw.

Saving up money, riding around the motorcycle, drinkin' beer, and studying my ass off. This is Geoff, signing off. Film at Eleven!


Posted by Galneda - April 4th, 2010

I was the drunken bald guy off to the side. This was shot a year and a half ago...and I was hammered.

Y'see, the cameraman (Thomas Gardner) and I were playing a drinking game to Armored Core For Answer, in where we built our own incredibly lightweight, super-fast cores, who are only armed with lightsabers; or what we liked to call "Blade Matches" ...the poison was a bottle of Captain Morgan's Tattoo, and after each match we take a swig, loser drinks a little more than the winner. It was even at first, but eventually I started losing more and more and more.....i.e. hammered. Then Adam comes in and see's us plastered, and thought, "Well, I better catch up." and the 7 shots was the first of several volleys. 'Twas a good night.

The man doing the shots is here on NG, the sick mind behind Rorschach's End and co-writer/voice talent in the upcoming Starfox animation.

/* */

Posted by Galneda - March 25th, 2010

I don't think you guys know or care, but deadlines for school projects are next month.

Deadlines for NG collabs, both RedHarvest and Hogabeast, are overdue.

I haven't submitted anything I could brag about in a long ass-time. It's time to fix that.


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