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Galneda's News

Posted by Galneda - November 1st, 2009

I had a fuckin' BLAST.

My costume only cost me under ten bucks this month, as the bulk of it was stuff I already had.
-Biker boots
-Black jeans
-Black shirt
-Leather Jacket
-and a silver bandana that was way too tacky to wear any other time of year.

All I bought were
-Big squeeky red clown nose
-Black face paint
-Blue face paint
-and silver face paint.

I also bought this bullshit spray-on blue hair dye from Wal-Mart, but that shit sucked so bad, combing the blue face paint into my beard worked waaaay better.

After strolling along for a ride to the mall with a few friends, we came back to the McKinney place, and I applied the final touches of the face-painting...I am honest-to-God PROUD of this one, as it really unsettled some people. I hopped on the bike, revved it up, full clown-decked out, and rode into the night, kicking in the air as I rode by, sometimes standing up while I revved and screamed. I loved the looks on the parents faces as I tore ass from around the corner, stood up, laughed evilly as loud as I could, before punching the throttle into the distance. (It's a loud bike)

I rode around terrorizing kids, the parents, and the neighborhood that just wanted peace and quite for a good thirty minutes. Came back to the McKinney place, cracked open a few beers, and headed off to a party with hogabeast.

Stole a few more beers, and bounced to the next joint! Got some tequila...a little more beer... among other things. Great times!

I had so much fun, that every Halloween from here on out will never be the same. I must strive to outdo myself next year, traumatize a few more children, and get crunk.

Film at Eleven. HONK HONK

Halloween 2009!

Posted by Galneda - October 29th, 2009

So everyone loved my storyboard presentation! Although I stressed myself out a little more by waiting until the last minute to color and ink the bastard, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a lot of fun working on it.

So much fun, actually, that I really want to animate it early-early 2010...most likely after the trailer for the Dick Neck sequel is released near the end of this year.

But with finals coming up, these next few months are truly going to become a trial in how I manage my time; my Storyboarding class's final is half the difficulty of my mid-term (I have to storyboard a scene with a lot of movement from an existing movie. I'm choosing to do a scene from Terminator 2, though I haven't decided which scene yet.) but to balance out, my Maya 3D rendering class's final is twice the difficulty of my mid-term (my mid-term was pictured in the last post. The final is I have to render a room with some furniture in it and different lighting.)

I can work on the Storyboard final any time I'm free at home...and unlike the mid-term, I'm not going to wait 'till the last minute. But I don't have Maya 2010 at home, so I gotta work on that final at the labs here at Quad C.

This gives me a great opportunity, though, that once I have the storyboard final out of the way, I can hustle on knocking out the Starfox flash (written and 'boarded a few months back) and the Dick Neck sequel spoiler/trailer before the year is out. Naturally, I'll have even more time to do this once the finals are over with.

Through my participation in the Warhammer 40K collab, the collaborator that ultimately talked me into participating is starting a "Noir" collab...and my imagination went so balls to the wall, that I'm becoming incredibly active in that project. Since there seems to be no due date on any one detail of the collab, (and seeing as how, even without unforseen circumstances, Warhammer 40K collab's deadline was almost a year after it had first started) I'm not concerned with prioritizing the Noir collab over any of my other projects that are already farther along.


The year is not out yet, and there's still a lot of work to be done. But I've been so stressed lately, it's time to vent that out by scaring the shit out of some kids for Halloween. With the help of my loud-ass motorcycle, I'm going as a crazy biker clown for Halloween. Think Black Label Society mixed with the clowns from Akira.

I'll post pics after the greatness. Film at Eleven!

Posted by Galneda - October 22nd, 2009

In my Storyboard class on Tuesday, we ran out of time presenting everybody's presentations, and seeing as how I was still making adjustments and writing on my presentation boards, five other students and I are presenting next Tuesday.

...And holy shit, what a relief; that gives me an opportunity to really throw some craftsmanship in there and make it stand out! Although I don't doubt it'll have any trouble standing out...the longest Storyboard the class saw yesterday was 27 frames long....mine has 48...Fuck my life for getting off on a tangent.

Originally it was all done in pencil, so now I can ink and color it. I'm excited to act it out for people, as it follows a caveman trying to make a pass at a super hot jungle babe and everything backfires, without a single word spoken...lot's of grunts and screaming.

Meanwhile, today I just got done with my Maya 3D mid-term...the project was to render and texture items that could be found on your desk. Originally I was going to do a beer can, but I couldn't find a GOOD picture of Shiner Bock in can form, so I just went with DP. Personally, I don't think it's too terrible for my first 3D thing ever, but I'm hoping that I'm able to render and animate the mech's that I doodle in my free-time in the near-future.

Now that a great deal of stress is off my shoulders, it's time to finish that flash!

Also, keep an eye out for the Warhammer 40K Collab coming out soon! When you see it, five it like a palm-slap on the rear.

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Also, dumping this link here for future use.


Posted by Galneda - October 9th, 2009

Well, looks like I'm shelfing the Halloween project for next year...just like I did for the Madness Day project recently.

I'm focusing instead on my Storyboard mid-term and Maya 3D rendering mid-term. (I'm not concerned with Basic Graphic Design and Intro to Computer Graphic's projects...those are much simpler.)

When I'm done with these projects next week, I'm going to devote my attention to the Starfox flash and Dick Neck sequel...I haven't actually ANIMATED something in so long, I fear I'll get worse rather than better...

I'm just way too stressed right now...I need to celebrate Halloween this year, for real.

...and I love this Photoshop I made in my Friday classes...I swear, next news post I'll post something different.

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Posted by Galneda - September 25th, 2009

Here's the low-down.

My Storyboard class just issued a FUCK-TON of homework to do, and I'm not even done with the audio track for The Three's Starfox short.

Although, I have to say most of this homework is actually pretty fun, and is a pretty good artistic exercise, actually. One of the assignments is he just gave us a sheet of paper that tells us how to make a Chicken Enchilada, and we have to write out the split script for and animate our own cooking show on how to make it.

I made mine so off-the-wall, it's becoming funny enough to make into a solo project for an animation on Newgrounds...but first thing's first;

Gotta knock out the homework for that class, and Intro to Graphic Design. The other two classes I'm taking doesn't have any homework, so that's a relief.

Meanwhile, my work on Starfox is moving along so sluggish, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to push it back and work on my Halloween short as soon as possible...and in case you're wondering, yes, most* of the two Dick Neck sequels have been written. *(keyword, "most")

Also, I'm going to attempt to take my first steps in incorporating 3D into flash within the next few months...ideally, I'd love to start off by doing something incredible for the Dick Neck saga, but there's a strong possibility that won't happen.

*sigh*...on top of everything, I'm starting to get sick. It was hot for months here in Dallas, and all of a sudden the cold-front came, and I went out riding up to school dressed in short-sleeves and a vest (It was WARM on the way up! Night hit, and BAM...frigid highways.) Got an irritated throat, and I've begun to cough...this kinda blows.

Oh well. Film at Eleven...

Soooo Busy.

Posted by Galneda - September 13th, 2009

- On a Jager night, Adam (the guy responsible for "Rorschach's End"), Thomas, and I came up with another skit...this time longer, more fleshed out comedy, and original voice work about Starfox's Dad. This will be the first animation I've done with a full-blown storyboard drawn for it, to better set up what the animation will look like. (Origins had the audio recorded, and I sort-of winged it as I went along...however, that got me stuck in several areas throughout the process of animating, because I couldn't think of what to make the scene look like. The point is, I'm learning from my mistakes.)

- After that, I'm hauling ass working on my contribution for Halloween! I bailed on Madness Day this year, but I'd definitely like to participate in a holiday event...and what better than my favorite holiday anyway...so I'll be sure to make it extra spooky for you guys.

- Then it's off to working on the standalone trailer for Dick Neck: Awakening, which will also supply a quick glimpse into Prime Turnip's transformation, setting us up for the ultimate fight between Beast and Machine in the full Dick Neck: Awakening....Now with YoinK!

Film @ 11

P.S. Btw, 9 was incredible for what it was...amazingly dark, and beautiful. The soundtrack was pretty amazing too, (Danny Elfman!? Seriously!? Bravo...)

Posted by Galneda - September 9th, 2009

My heart's just not into the Madness series as I had once thought. Although I'm enticed by the cash-prizes, I got two weeks to work on this thing, and I haven't even drawn a single frame.

Moreover, my brother, who's an audio engineer, agreed to help me out with the audio file as much as he could by next friday. I just feel like I should've been preparing for longer if I was serious about entering Madness Day.

All I can think about is refining the story on Dick Neck; balancing the ratio of epicness, with good storytelling, structure, character development, action, and comedy.... I want to do all of those things to the Saga...

Yet, here comes Madness Day, here comes Halloween, I agreed to make an Awesome short, and Adam (hogabeast) and I have a great idea for a Star Fox short to knock out before I work on all that.

...By rushing in these two weeks for Madness Day...am I overloading myself? If I can make the Dick Neck sequel as good as I envision, it very well may be an easy Month winner....or even Month runner-up.

I want to make a Madness short...at least one. I need the cash to buy new tires on the bike so I don't skid on a wet-surface and die. But I'm just...tired, I guess.

Got Storyboarding homework...rendering with Maya tomorrow morning. I need to stop fucking around on the internet and get to work on this flash. If I could knock out that Warhammer 40,000 short in less than 48 hours, why can't I structure a simple Madness music video in two weeks?

...or thirteen days...


Fuck....No Film at Eleven yet, until I know I'm doin' it.

Posted by Galneda - September 7th, 2009

It's an original music-video flash, animated by myself, written by me, but featuring the music of my good friend, Thomas, and Adam (the mind behind "Rorschach's End") may help out with the singing.

In other news; all I needed was a new metal washer between the bolt on the bike and the back of the bitch-seat on the V-Star, and it's nice and secure. Now all I need is a bitch!

Starcraft matches between the three of us are getting more hardcore the more we play...Can't wait for Starcraft 2!

Also, the Warhammer 40K Collab is coming soon...hopefully before my Madness Day entry... and perhaps after a quick Halloween short, I'll get to work on both Dick Neck sequels.

...and I still got homework to do for Storyboarding...I love that I'm busy!

Film at Eleven!

Madness Day Flash - Coming Soon!

Posted by Galneda - September 3rd, 2009

Go ahead and relive the magic of Watchmen in the touching scene where Rorschach meets his demise in Rorschach's End.

In other news, I've been doing pretty decently a week and a half in at this new Community College.

I got
-Basic Graphic Design
-Rendering and Animating with Maya I
-and Intro to Computer Graphics.

All of them are prerequisites for a certificate program specializing in 3D and Game Animation. I can take what I learn from these classes and hopefully dish out better flashes here.

I also just recently bought a bitch-seat for the V-Star, so that's pretty awesome! I'm having difficulty understanding why it doesn't quite want to latch on in the back, but I'm sure it's no big deal, unless the chick riding with falls off because of it. (Great lol's to be held then, matey!)

Looking forward to trying new drinks this weekend. Also, my crew and I have been getting back into Starcraft, for lack of a better term "training" for Starcraft 2.

Also, there's two sequels in writing, and I just about have the full cast ready to rock...expect them more sooner than later.

EDIT: Holy shit, do you see the prizes Tom has set up for Madness Day!? I better hustle!

Film at Eleven! ...or at least on the 22nd!

Want a quick lol?

Posted by Galneda - August 27th, 2009