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Want a quick lol?

Posted by Galneda - September 3rd, 2009

Go ahead and relive the magic of Watchmen in the touching scene where Rorschach meets his demise in Rorschach's End.

In other news, I've been doing pretty decently a week and a half in at this new Community College.

I got
-Basic Graphic Design
-Rendering and Animating with Maya I
-and Intro to Computer Graphics.

All of them are prerequisites for a certificate program specializing in 3D and Game Animation. I can take what I learn from these classes and hopefully dish out better flashes here.

I also just recently bought a bitch-seat for the V-Star, so that's pretty awesome! I'm having difficulty understanding why it doesn't quite want to latch on in the back, but I'm sure it's no big deal, unless the chick riding with falls off because of it. (Great lol's to be held then, matey!)

Looking forward to trying new drinks this weekend. Also, my crew and I have been getting back into Starcraft, for lack of a better term "training" for Starcraft 2.

Also, there's two sequels in writing, and I just about have the full cast ready to rock...expect them more sooner than later.

EDIT: Holy shit, do you see the prizes Tom has set up for Madness Day!? I better hustle!

Film at Eleven! ...or at least on the 22nd!

Want a quick lol?


Bitch, I would stomp your ass at Starcraft.

Not really, I suck at Starcraft.

Any other RTS, though. Probably.

Also, you could be like the guy on Deathproof, only it would be far less expensive because you aren't crashing your car and having to pay your own medical bills and insurance and shit. Just, like, push a button and the bitch seat pops off while you're on the freeway at 80 MPH.

Then go back and get your seat, because I'll be damned if a woman is going to take any of my possessions!

Wait, what was I saying again?

You were just about to say you would stomp my ass at Starcraft, but you digressed, as you realize you suck at life/RTS games as a whole.

You added I could be Kurt Russell from Death Proof, only far less expensive because I don't total my vehicle, paying for my own medical bills, adding I could rig the bitch-seat with an eject button for the lulz.

...which in fact, is nothing like Death Proof at all...

Then go back and get my seat, somehow on a crowded high way, because you'll be damned if a woman is going to take any of your possessions.

Training eh? Wheres that Rocky training soundtrack when you need it?