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I've done animatics for Cyanide & Happiness, Purgatony, and WWE Storytime! I'm also a professional voice actor that's appeared in One Piece, SMITE, C&H, and The Stockholms!
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The LowDown: Shirts, Books, and More!

Posted by Galneda - September 18th, 2020

Been a while, folks! I got lots to catch up on so I'll try to keep it lean.

First, I got engaged! I'm about to be married y'all! She proposed to me last month and I happily said yes! Wedding has yet to be announced, we're thinking to schedule it once we got a timeframe that the pandemic will calm its tits. But I'm excited to plan our future with such a strong, encouraging, and loving force of nature that she is. I really got someone worth fighting for, and it feels wonderful. <3



My old computer has finally shit the bed, and the great guys over at Dissection Studios built me a brand new, powerful rig with a built in capture card. So we're still gonna be streaming over at DAMMGames on Twitch! I got a plethora of PC titles in mind before I get the cables necessary to get my PC to talk to my consoles, and then shit'll really get wild.


I am a published author and I'm making books! Currently we're writing a sci-fi war epic called Umbra's Legion. Two writers, two opposite perspectives of the same conflict. My writing partner composes his story behind the righteous military guardians, the Canid race of the CSDF. I write from the perspective of the tyrannical conqueror simian empire of Getra. It's basically like a gritty Starfox that says "Fuck" often and has a lot of Gundam elements on the Getran side and a lot of Battlestar Galactica on the Canid side. A lot of horror and tension on the battlefield kind of theme. We're making our own original Star Wars, and we already have a total of four books available on Amazon Kindle. Two from his side, and two from mine. We're both working to get our #3's out before the year is up, so keep your eyes peeled here for updates on that! You can check out our HELLA cheap existing short stories in the links below!


I am making t-shirts on TeePublic! Thinking about launching a Patreon for commission requests, but in the meantime, I'm upping production on just doing whatever I feel like. Shirts that I would wear, and hopefully others would find cool enough to wear or gift to cool friends! Here's a link to the shop, and below are a few art portal submissions of shirts that I've made.

As I write this, there isn't a whoooole lot to show, but that is already poised to change; the goal is to knock out one every week. I even have a few Umbra's Legion ideas to throw into the store, so keep checking back. Or poke me with a stick if it hasn't moved in a while- I tend to get distracted. If you've got some ideas for some shirts, lemme know in the comments below!


Lastly, I've been voicing in WAAAY MORE THINGS lately, and I couldn't be happier. In the recent Elon Musk jam, I voiced in two different shorts here on NG. One got Frontpaged and the other got Daily 5th!

My buddy from Explosm entertainment, Connor Murphy, has returned to Newgrounds and is uploading his own independent animated shorts. I was happy to voice in at least two of 'em so far!

I voiced a role in a Deus Ex mod, this Lowbrow studio short as the voice of Starfox, and I've been auditioning with Linda McAlister talent agency all year! But I think I am the most proud to land a role in Mike Salcedo's baby, Explosm Entertainment's The Stockholms, as the voice of Jasper. My biggest role yet, and I get to perform in the leagues of Nolan North (Uncharted), Zach Hadel (Psychicpebbles), and Chris Sabat (Vegeta, AllMight)! Be sure to check it out!


I'll be sure to post a new news post more frequently, this was something I had been putting off updating for way too long. Follow, add me on Twitter and Instagram @Phobotech, let's get work done! If you need me for a voice in your thing, I'm more than likely down! Stay safe, keep it real, I love y'all!




Congrats! Best of luck on your projects.

did you change your last name

I did actually! I'm going to have to make a new post about it for sure, because so much has changed.