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I've done animatics for Cyanide & Happiness, Purgatony, and WWE Storytime! I'm also a professional voice actor that's appeared in One Piece, SMITE, C&H, and The Stockholms!
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2020 Plans for Newgrounds

Posted by Galneda - January 1st, 2020

As I type this, I'm up to date with Cyanide & Happiness short animatics. The only things left in that realm are my segments for the Cyanide & Happiness Show. That includes stuff from the tail-end of Season Too, when I was first hired, and way more from Season 3 and the recent Season 4. You can see some Season 3 stuff in my previous demo reel.

With more stuff done from Season 4, and working with Lowbrow Animation studios on WWE Storytime, I'm due to update my demo reel as well! On top of that, I also need to get back into the saddle doing finished, polished animations again. I think there's been something missing in fulfillment lately because I'm, at the core of me, an animator trying to fit into an animatics-shaped hole. I want to return to animation and make cool looking shit for folks.

On top of that, I've been writing more on Umbra's Legion. We are now published on Amazon Kindle, here's my partner's, here's mine. More books are on the horizon, and LENGTHIER books as well with some really exciting stuff in 'em. Since I'm the artist of the two, I've also been making book covers. Expect to see those in the art portal.

I'm going to crank out more art in general, and of what, I don't really know yet- I'm becoming all too aware it's a numbers game, and I need to crank those numbers up. Expect more mechs and starfighters because I love doing that kind of stuff, and that's also topical to Umbra's Legion.

I might be making more raps as I bump or recreate the Phoboflow Rap Battle thread, and practice my rap chops for shits and grins.

I'm learning video editing as well, I'm establishing websites for my many different hats, and I'll probably upload a new voice over reel because it's time to ramp up professional voice-work at long last.

Here's to looking out! Looking forward to showing y'all what I got. Happy New Year!



You're awesome.

YOU'RE awesome! I'm sure you know by now how much the community's missed you! Welcome back, lemme know how you've been in PM if you feel like it!

@SevenSeize @Phobotech I'm gonna slowly try to phase myself back in. Like I'm staying off the bbs and leaving reviews/commenting on newspages etc.
In a month or two maybe I'll hit up the supporter forum. Baby steps while I assess my progress.

I'm proud of your progress already. Shine bright, Seven! And Happy New Year!

Nice one!
Already saw 4-th season of C&H and it is better than 4-th season of mr. Pickles

Tornadoes supposed to be bad your way tomorrow day time, then my way tomorrow night time. Stay woke yo.

I appreciate the heads up. Radar is saying it'll be severe thunderstorms on our end, but they get more severe the more it moves east. You stay frosty.