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I've done animatics for Cyanide & Happiness, Purgatony, and WWE Storytime! I'm also a professional voice actor that's appeared in One Piece, SMITE, C&H, and The Stockholms!
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Galneda's News

Posted by Galneda - November 24th, 2008

What I'm trying to do with this Megaman flash is way over my head. That's why I keep getting overwhelmed, and starting over, and starting over, and starting over...

I gotta churn out something. Just anything. So I'm devising a series of little pop-shots that'll make people laugh and serve as an animation exercise for myself.

Maybe then I'll finally get something done. Finally feel like my wheels aren't just spinning.

Besides, how bad could it be? It couldn't be any worse than my first flash.

Also, if you don't listen to Testament you need to.

Film at Eleven.

Below. How I feel after trying to animate that Megaman fight and failing constantly

I've deduced this.

Posted by Galneda - November 13th, 2008

Just to show you I'm not snoozing. School and other priorities have been diverting me from working on this, but this is proof to you that I haven't given up on it.

This is my own unique, creative license on Megaman for this battle that I'm animating. Tell me what you think!

Megaman Preview

Posted by Galneda - October 23rd, 2008

-Currently Pending-
Solo Project- Active title, "Megaman vs. Bass" frame-by-frame flash.
Collaborative Project- Doing some of the background art for Dark-Otaku's Doom flash.

-In the near future-
If "Megaman vs. Bass" proves to be successful and popular, I might make a sequel just to cap it off.
I also got a few shorts in mind, and a handful of Music Videos I'm interested in doing.

I've decided Alien vs. Yoshi will be waaaaay further down the road.

Now that I have a break, I'm going to try and knock out that MMvsB flash...to think, after all this time working on it and how little I actually have done just astounds me.

Hang in there.

Posted by Galneda - October 13th, 2008

"Facefucker" ...err...F4c3fuck3r or something.

He's a great friend of mine, a comrade, and a damn-good musician. I've been showing him Tankmen, Egoraptor, and Happy Harry flashes all over the place for a few months now.

He just got out of his band, Cyndrom, and has been working on some solo stuff for a while. I suggested hitting up the Audio Portal community for a starter; at least to get some feed-back from entirely fresh audience.

Finally, after a pause of deliberation (and the sudden urge to create an account when I told him about a retarded thread in the General forums about "Metallica vs. The Beatles") He's begun the long, long process of uploading his work to the AP.

I have a feeling he's going to skyrocket through the ranks. Let's see how he does!

Godspeed dude.


Posted by Galneda - October 4th, 2008

Jesus, where to begin.

Motivated by a message from Mindchamber and support from Murad136, I've been working (and learning every step of the way) on this new flash project of mine to boost up some recognition with NG users and serve as a practice space for my talents.

It's a Rockman Neo inspired alternate universe, a dystopian world taken over by the evil Dr. Wily, supported by his minions, like Bass & Treble. When Wily's newest plot was revealed to involve a whole new robot, a Blonde, Red-armored sword wielding android, is leaked to Dr. Light, Mega Man is immediately dispatched to Wily's fortress, where their battle awaits.

This flash picks up on Mega Man's arrival to Dr. Wily's stronghold; here's a screen.

It'll be a frame-by-frame, limited voice acting, sfx, music throughout, runtime 2:23...unknown amount of frames as of yet, same goes for filesize.

On top of school-work, and writing projects, this might take a little longer than "2-weeks"

Busy as fuck.

Posted by Galneda - January 29th, 2008

Well, the time has come; I simply can't afford rent in these bloody apartments anymore. I'm biting the bullet and moving back home in Farmers Branch with my parents again. Not sure how fucked my credit is going to be after this, but in no time, (and by no time, I realistically mean by summer) all will be balanced again.

...Let's just hope it's sooner and not later...

Wish me luck.


Posted by Galneda - January 26th, 2008

I work at Spencer's, I'm just chillin' when this lady comes up and wants to buy some of the energy drinks we carry; Not a whole lot of people buy them because they're $2.49 a can, but this lady was buying NINE of them...which is the most energy drinks in one-fell-swoop I think anyone's bought from this store...In particular, they were nine of the "Nintendo Power Up" energy drinks, which is pretty much a Mario sponsored energy drink.

I was curious...
"Plan on taking a long road-trip or something?"
"Oh no! It's for my son's birthday, he loves Mario."
"Ah! Awesome, Happy Birthday to him! So, are these gonna be for the kids?"
"A bunch of five to seven year-olds running up the walls on Energy Drinks? This'll be for decoration."
"...Huh...that's odd. Maybe the adults can drink 'em or something."
"Oh they'll be drank, don't worry...I was thinking about putting five balloons tied to the tab of each can, all the cans on the table; Do you think that's a bit much?"

Thinking creatively, I knew that wasn't going to look too great; I told her with all of them on the same level, the Balloon level will get crowded unless you put them at different heights; Why not stack the presents in such a way that it looked like Bowser's Castle, and put pairs of cans on each level of them?

To me, that was just an ordinary suggestion, but she was amazed by this; "Oh my God, I would've never thought of that! How do you think of something like that?"
"Well, I was raised on Super Mario Bros. and I'm an artist; I draw in my spare time."
"An artist? Do you think you can draw Mario for me?" and out of her purse she pulled out a printed picture of Mario (I recognized from Super Smash Bros. Brawl because of the detail.)

I grabbed the nearest pen, flipped the picture over, and doodled Mario wearing a Birthday Hat, eating some B-Day cake....once again, to me, kinda average, but she was blown away. "Oh my God! Can you make this for him? Like, on Posterboard for the Party?"
"Sure, why not."
"What do you want in return?"
"Erm...I dunno, you could pay me?"
"Excellent. I'm going to run to Michaels and get you the Posterboard now! I need it by Saturday, is that okay?"
I agreed.

So she got me the posterboard...this was two days ago; she needs this by today, and I work 12-7 pm...currently it's almost 4, I got work in 8 hours, and I'm just now penciling in what I'm going to finalize for Mario on the posterboard...then I got to color it with my markers, and then I got to cut him out...and maybe sleep before I work...MAYBE.

I'll post pics when it's finish, 'cause I want you guys to see this.

Edit: Finished...completely... it's 8:23...I'm exhausted and my eyes are blurred...I got work in 3 hours and 30 minutes...got done taking pics of it, so all I need to do is wait for the lady to swing by work...I hope the kid likes it...I'm getting an Energy Drink on the way to work...what's more, when I get off at 7, I'm hanging out with my friend Matt who's here for a week before he goes back to Kuwait...there will be no, "Augh, I'm tired, maybe some other day" bullshit...No. Fuck that. We got stories to exchange...so maybe I'll dip out of this lag by then...I'll let you know in the Edit.

Edit: Shavin' my head woke my ass right up...Yep. Waiting on laundry now. (9:28) I don't know why I'm treating this like a log now, like you fuckers care. lol

Edit: I knew she'd love it! Got 20 bucks out of it; and considering all of the material was free, that's one-hundred-percent profit right there...She says she has more projects in store; We shall see.