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The Low-Down, December.

Posted by Galneda - December 3rd, 2009


Dad's been back home since Monday, and he's really happy to be back. Because of the scar on his chest from the bypass, he's gotta be really careful, and we all help him however we can. I get on his ass to getting up and walking around more, but he's doing great. Wally, the kitty, is still the same affectionate kitty he always was, just minus balls and front claws...all is good!


Monday finals were completed a while back; all I gotta do is adhese the printed logo onto a presentation board, and it's good to go.

Tuesday finals (storyboard)....FUCK. Due next week, and I haven't done shit.

Thursday finals....Maya kicked my ass today; I completely brain-farted through the whole class, forgetting, quite literally, EVERYTHING about textures...I didn't know how to get to the UV Editor...didn't know how to apply them to specific shapes...it was just a mess. Luckily, there were people all around that I could pester with my noobish inquiries. (Then again, we're all learning. Just some have the memory of goldfish, like me.)

Friday finals? Still don't know what the hell he wants me to do...though, it's likely I just forgot...Oh well! I got a week to do it, and I should be fine.


Talking about introducing original ideas, when I was spending the night all last weekend at the hospital, I brought my sketchbook with me, and started jotting down original animation projects. At the moment, I have ten, and I have got to stop doing unoriginal bullshit.

Though it's too late to ditch the Starfox parody I've been working on (because so far, it's proving to be the best animation I've ever done) the only other unoriginal project I have on the pending list is a Star Wars collaboration I have between Hogabeast and I. Even the Star Wars Funnies, though, will be after several original projects to space it out...(Ha! "Space it out?" Star Wars? Fuck you. It's funny.)

As for Dick Neck: Awakening, my interest in the project is waning. The Dick Neck meme may be fading, and in only a few ways, I'm a little embarrassed about Dick Neck: Origins......If I were to do DN:A, it would have to be absolutely, completely different from Origins. Also, Poozy needs to get a new microphone

I'm really excited to get my original flash projects on the road...the sooner I can get them done, the sooner I can get a job as an animator, the sooner I can get money, the sooner I can learn how to use more complex programs, the sooner I can create mind-blowing shit.

It's going to be congress.

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You are the busiest person ever, yet you're never doing anything.

How is this?

Also, yay for your dad and cat. I felt what I think might have been a bit of concern when I read your last news post.

But I'm not sure, I'm not an expert when it comes to these "emotion" things.

Could've been arousal.

News post before last, rather, sorry. I didn't see your birthday.

Happy belated my-dad-decided-not-to-use-a-condom-da y.