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My 22nd Birthday!

Posted by Galneda - November 20th, 2009

=================My Birthday==========================

Had to wake up at six in the morning to take my kitty, Wally, to the vet to get his nuts chopped off...poor thing, the decision wasn't up to me.

So, Wally the Cat will stay overnight at the vet. Meanwhile, my 69 year old Dad actually undergoes a heart bypass surgery today. (Sometime around the time I type this, actually) Last Saturday morning he had a light heart attack, and rushed to a nearby hospital. After checking him out, they discovered he had 70-100% blockages in a few of his arteries, which debunks the idea that his diabetes were causing the lack of circulation in his feet. (Quite frankly, I thought that theory was a little odd in the first place, but what do I know, right?)

Had he chose not to undergo the bypass surgery, his chances of death were high. Had he not gone to the hospital at all, he would've already been dead. Knowing that he's undergoing this surgery gives me the peace of mind that he'll come out on top, and even though he can't actively celebrate my birthday with me, that's one of the greatest presents ever.

I'm going to visit him tonight waaaay afterschool, so I have no plans whatsoever to get trashed. A free bowl at Genghis Grill and a Shiner Bock, and I'll be just fine. :D


Monday Classes / Basic Graphic Design - Final has yet to be completed. (All I need is to throw everything onto a presentation board which I have yet to buy)

Tuesday Classes / Storyboarding - Final is far from being completed. (Gotta write the split-script to a scene in Terminator 2; initially I was going to do the Swat Van / Helicopter chase scene, but not only is that scene visually repetitive, it's long as hell, and I can only fit 8 frames on the front of each presentation board, which costs money. I decided to change it up to a more diverse, shorter scene, where Arnold fucks around with the Cops outside of Cyberdyne with a minigun. SO...gotta write the split script, which means a description of the video and audio for every shot, AND draw them out, AND adhese the final product to their presentation boards...and as I learned from my mid-term, I can't do them front and back. They all gotta be on one side.)

Thursday Classes / Maya 3D Rendering - Final is about halfway done. (Rendered all of the pieces of furniture, and began texturing the simpler pieces (base and wheels of the chair, desk, CDs, etc...) but I still have to texture the more complex items, add lighting, and obtain textures I can't find online with a digital camera. Since next Thursday is Thanksgiving, I have even fewer days to work on it, so I may go in next Wednesday during open lab to throw a little more work onto the project.)

Friday Classes / Intro to Computer Graphics - Oddly enough, he hasn't even assigned us the final yet...though that may change; I go in for that class today at 2, so we'll see. It can't be that difficult.

==============FLASH PROJECTS/NEWGROUNDS================

-RedHarvest still wants me involved in the Lady Noir collaboration. Referencing my small working time-frame to partake in the WH40K Collab, it could be possible to make his deadline for late December if I work right away after finals. It's all a matter of time-management and motivation. Me personally, I was hyped to work on the story I had layed out for Lady, but the stress of the finals backed me down. Now that I've become less stressed about them, it seems more like an achievable goal than a daunting challenge.

-The Starfox Parody Hogabeast and I have been working on has been sludging around, but I still want to get it done. If I were to actually participate in Lady Noir, I'd have to work on this thing afterwards.

-Dick Neck: Awakening has been put on hold until further notice. Be advised, though, this isn't an empty fantasy project; expect it early next year.

-It's come to my attention that, as much as I boast originality, I have few original flash projects out here. Yeah, pretty much nobody acknowledged Zone of the Enders until I Awesomized it, and yeah, Dick Neck is strange, but most of it was written by Rumerio if not already making fun of the legendary thread. I have decided to bring two new things to the table.

One of which was actually from my storyboard mid-term; an original storyboard that had a caveman I had designed trying to get with this super hot amazonian cave-woman, and failing miserably. It was a huge hit with my storyboard class, and the more I worked on it, the more I wanted to animate it.

Another was my final from my English 1301 class early this year. (like, March '09 or something. WAY BACK.) It's a paper that was supposed to dive into something that happened to me as a kid that changed me forever, so it'll shed a little light on me for fans and friends...and I think it's actually pretty funny, so I hope you guys will enjoy it. It would also provide a great opportunity to demonstrate my voice acting ability, as well as tightening up what my own visual style may look like, so I'm excited to get to work on them as soon as possible!

The ultimate goal is to present these original flash projects to one of the animation studios here in the Dallas Metroplex, and land a job as an intern...just getting started in the actual animation industry would be amazing, but there's so much I need to learn. The best I can do is demonstrate my ability at least...in my own, honest opinion, I'm far from ready, but I gotta try for it.

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My 22nd Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Sorry about your cat and father. Can't wait to see your upcoming projects and best of luck with the school stuff. Keep up the great work =3

Will-do! Thanks, man!

hey man! any chance i could do a small part of voice acting in ur next dick neck episode? i dont have a reel but i acted in most of the stuff of mine that uve seen

Time will tell. :D



Also, the answer is B.

I knew it the whole time.

Bologna? What the hell is bologna? Pfft, you're stupid (reference to tribute to stupid).
Sorry to hear about your father. But at least he's alive. And as for your cat...... Try to keep porn away from him for a while.
And happy belated birthday! And I actually did acknowledge zone of the enders about a few days before you posted the flash. So that was an ironic day for me.
ANNNNNNND Good luck on that final. Remember, if you can't think of anything, reference it to 300 somehow.

Bologna = Odd meat for sammiches.
My kitty shall never see a booby AGAIN.
Thanks! ...and sure, but I said MOST people didn't acknowledge it...people like you were the unknown variables. :P
Thanks very much! And if I made 300 references for no other reason to make a 300 reference, my professor would probably kick me into a hole.