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I Love Macross.

Posted by Galneda - November 10th, 2009

I just got done watching every episode of Robotech: Macross Saga on Google Video...I kept it to about 2 or 5 episodes a day.

But I really love that show. I loved it as a kid, and now that I've rewatched it as an adult, I can appreciate all of the little nuances and details. (and now that I've begun animating, I've noticed mistakes as well as impressive feats of animation.)

I just really, honest-to-God hope they don't fuck up the Robotech movie coming out.

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In other news; I'm beginning to have doubts in my involvement in the Noir Collab by RedHarvest. Although the Warhammer 40,000 collab did VERY well(My animation was the very first short) school's finals are starting to require more and more of my attention...and I'd be a fool to pass up school for any collab NG has going on.

I may get out of it soon, providing some other aspiring animator a chance to shine.

Looking forward to finals being over...
Looking forward to my twenty second birthday on the 20th...
Looking forward to Thanksgiving...
Looking forward to knocking out at least ONE more animation before 2009 is over...

....Straight ahead!

(Film at Eleven)

EDIT: Today I just found out that 100 NG users have added me as one of their favorite flash authors! Thanks Newgrounds, for continuously providing me the inspiration to press on! You guys rock!

I Love Macross.


All generally excellent movies

Macross was a groundbreaking anime seriesm way ahead of its time

that along with Patalabor were pioneering films in the mecha genre of anime which coincidentally is my favorite

I've NEVER seen Patlabor, and I've always wanted to! ...Looks like I kinda have to now. lol

i hate you. ...

nawwww im just joshin


Oh okay...

I've never heard of this "Robotech."

But it has the words "Robo" and "Tech" in the title, so I don't see where it can go wrong.

skewl sux bolls LOL!11

It's a pretty good show. Here, check out the first episode.

http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos /category/anime/watch/v16108187t6 ekFenF

Didn't they also make a game for Robotech? I think I have it collecting dust somewhere. It was something where you got this armor that would turn into a motorcycle, and you would shoot these aliens and these band of bandits called Skulls. It was a whole thing that looks a lot different then from what I am seeing now.

Robotech in USA pretty much took Macross and some other anime I never really got into and merged them together; the latter called "The Masters Chronicles" or something...so I totally don't doubt it.

I almost forgot about the chicken enchilada! And I hope you don't put dick neck as the cook o.o that would make people's stomach turn...
Actually go ahead and put dick neck on the cook. I'd love to see how that would end XD

lol Oh lord.

Nah, we're all going to learn to cook a Chicken Enchilada Verde by Captain Pollo.

Gotta say, yours was the only funny one in the WH40K collab. The others were just horrible. Nice job.

lulz, I try my damndest. Thanks man!