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The Low-Down, Halloween 2009.

Posted by Galneda - October 29th, 2009

So everyone loved my storyboard presentation! Although I stressed myself out a little more by waiting until the last minute to color and ink the bastard, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a lot of fun working on it.

So much fun, actually, that I really want to animate it early-early 2010...most likely after the trailer for the Dick Neck sequel is released near the end of this year.

But with finals coming up, these next few months are truly going to become a trial in how I manage my time; my Storyboarding class's final is half the difficulty of my mid-term (I have to storyboard a scene with a lot of movement from an existing movie. I'm choosing to do a scene from Terminator 2, though I haven't decided which scene yet.) but to balance out, my Maya 3D rendering class's final is twice the difficulty of my mid-term (my mid-term was pictured in the last post. The final is I have to render a room with some furniture in it and different lighting.)

I can work on the Storyboard final any time I'm free at home...and unlike the mid-term, I'm not going to wait 'till the last minute. But I don't have Maya 2010 at home, so I gotta work on that final at the labs here at Quad C.

This gives me a great opportunity, though, that once I have the storyboard final out of the way, I can hustle on knocking out the Starfox flash (written and 'boarded a few months back) and the Dick Neck sequel spoiler/trailer before the year is out. Naturally, I'll have even more time to do this once the finals are over with.

Through my participation in the Warhammer 40K collab, the collaborator that ultimately talked me into participating is starting a "Noir" collab...and my imagination went so balls to the wall, that I'm becoming incredibly active in that project. Since there seems to be no due date on any one detail of the collab, (and seeing as how, even without unforseen circumstances, Warhammer 40K collab's deadline was almost a year after it had first started) I'm not concerned with prioritizing the Noir collab over any of my other projects that are already farther along.


The year is not out yet, and there's still a lot of work to be done. But I've been so stressed lately, it's time to vent that out by scaring the shit out of some kids for Halloween. With the help of my loud-ass motorcycle, I'm going as a crazy biker clown for Halloween. Think Black Label Society mixed with the clowns from Akira.

I'll post pics after the greatness. Film at Eleven!


Clowns scare me.

That's the whole point!

When people see "Zombies" they think "Something to kill/shoot/maim"
When people see "Demons/Vampires" they think "Goth fag/Twilight fag"

Clowns? Scary.
BIKER clowns? Scary AND awesome. :D

Zak Wylde threatened to hit me in the face, once. It was a terrifying experience.


That never happened, but you really look like serial killer with just the clown nose.

Actually, I'm pretty sure you always look like a serial killer.

Even in your sleep. I would know.

The cameras, you see...

I imagine, though, that Zakk Wylde threatening to hit anyone in the face would be a terrifying ordeal...have you seen the guy standing next to a normal person? He's a goddamn Viking god.

Also, I know about the cameras. Didn't you think it was weird when I all of a sudden became very vocal whenever I punched the clown?

I love Black Label Society.

So I love and am afraid of your costume.

SDMF, brother.

...and "Boo"

There's no sound on the cameras. At least, not my cameras. I don't know who else is watching you, but last time I went to do a little maintenance on mine, there were some other ones there that I don't remember placing.

I didn't think anything of it at the time, but it's been bothering me a little.

Be afraid.

You stupid mother fuckers, it doesn't get cold in Texas.

In fact, any state below Indiana is at a constant 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

I hate you even more now, because I had to ride through that shit four hours ago.