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Soooo Busy.

Posted by Galneda - September 25th, 2009

Here's the low-down.

My Storyboard class just issued a FUCK-TON of homework to do, and I'm not even done with the audio track for The Three's Starfox short.

Although, I have to say most of this homework is actually pretty fun, and is a pretty good artistic exercise, actually. One of the assignments is he just gave us a sheet of paper that tells us how to make a Chicken Enchilada, and we have to write out the split script for and animate our own cooking show on how to make it.

I made mine so off-the-wall, it's becoming funny enough to make into a solo project for an animation on Newgrounds...but first thing's first;

Gotta knock out the homework for that class, and Intro to Graphic Design. The other two classes I'm taking doesn't have any homework, so that's a relief.

Meanwhile, my work on Starfox is moving along so sluggish, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to push it back and work on my Halloween short as soon as possible...and in case you're wondering, yes, most* of the two Dick Neck sequels have been written. *(keyword, "most")

Also, I'm going to attempt to take my first steps in incorporating 3D into flash within the next few months...ideally, I'd love to start off by doing something incredible for the Dick Neck saga, but there's a strong possibility that won't happen.

*sigh*...on top of everything, I'm starting to get sick. It was hot for months here in Dallas, and all of a sudden the cold-front came, and I went out riding up to school dressed in short-sleeves and a vest (It was WARM on the way up! Night hit, and BAM...frigid highways.) Got an irritated throat, and I've begun to cough...this kinda blows.

Oh well. Film at Eleven...

Soooo Busy.


Well that sucks.

:C I know...



Better than pics! I made a video!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r I1IlEKrjY&feature=fvw

cool work

Cool as Ice?

Phob! Use your beard to stop the illness! Hurry before its too late!

Phob? That's a first...

...and are you kidding? The "illness" only made my beard stronger.

Sup JEFF, still sick?

I'm pretty sure swallowing all that semen isn't good for your throat, man. You should be careful about that, broham.

....GOD, I hate you.

...also, it's pure protein BROZUF. If anything, my beard and I are more powerful than you could ever imagine.

You and your beard are stronger than ever, eh?

I think it's safe to say that if our minds collaborated on NG again these days, our combined awesome would cause a catastrophic meltdown and a disaster not seen since the Holocaust would unfold.

I don't think Newgrounds is ready for such an onslaught.

If we're to take it down, the time is NOW.

Also, The Holocaust should be thought of as a natural disaster.

I'm not racist, but the Jews and everyone else that the Nazis slaughtered were just as helpless as if, say, a hurricane suddenly showed up over middle of Europe.

Which brings me to my next point:

Poozy isn't the only one doin' your mom.

...Wait, what?

Necrophilia is legal, right?

If it's consensual.

There's a typo in your blurb, holmes.

Where I assume you meant to type "out", you've managed to go all retard and shit some how hit the 'r' key instead of 't'.

Momma said not to mind mean people who make fun of my crippling disability.

Y'mean you never had your name torn to a nickname from the first few letters? I get it all the time. Hell, soon you'll end up getting something like Phoby or Phobster.......... This could be a bad thing o.o

I've gotten "Hobotech" and "Phobo" before. What confounded me is by you left out the final "o" ..."Phob" just sounds awkward to me, I would much prefer "Phobo" :P

I, personally, like Phobensteininson.

That's because you retard all up in this joint.

Hell, with the Dick Neck series you'll soon be called Dick Tech or Phob Neck.... Better hope its the second one XD



I'll make fun of your syndrome WHENEVER I DAMNED PLEASE, CHILD.

It was actually me, ya snitch!

I knew it all along!

Aye boyo. forgot to say it.


no dued no, just nom,

No matter how many times you ask, I'm not going to eat you.

my head hurts really bad man sreiosuly

You misspelled "seriously"


...a little warmer...


There ya go.

Smash some thizz into some droll and use steel wool to get the rocks right and just inhale that mother fucker. A big ass log. Best way to get high. And oxycotton.

You annoy me.

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