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Zone of the Awesome!

Posted by Galneda - January 20th, 2009

I believe it was Murad136 that convinced me to just do something...ANYTHING new, and get it out on the portal. Thinking of things to do, I started with the 2-week-fight that he suggested, but scrapped it because it was coming out crappy. Then I wanted to do an elaborate Megaman frame-by-frame fight...but I concluded I wasn't skilled enough to pull off what I envisioned for it yet, so I put that on hold.

Going through an old sketchbook, I uncovered an old comic I doodled waaaay back when I first had a Playstation 2. My first PS2 game was Z.O.E. I played it, loved it, and beat it within a few days (it was very short IMO) but I was still a fan. I also read a lot of Mad magazine at the time, so I started doing a Mad article styled parody on Z.O.E. called "Zone of the Blenders"

It was unfinished, and the jokes were really corny with lazy artwork, but it gave me an idea of what I could do to bridge my first flash test with my more advanced projects. While the "Awesome" craze is still kicking around, I figured I would make it "Zone of the Awesome"

Just working on this thing (and failing on the two other projects) I've learned an incredible deal about the flash software, and the art of animation as a whole.

The craftsmanship is far from where I want it to be. Playing it back, it's too fast, wayyyy too rapid...not enough pauses, to the point where too much shit is flying by at once. The animation is sloppy, and the artwork is lazy. My microphone is a headset I used for gaming and when you're not hearing a sludgy sounding voice, it's this over-bearing fuzz.

But I can't be too hard on it. This is the best flash I've yet to make. Before ZOA, I have had no experience with flash other than my Flash Test which is viewable as my first submission. I've worked on this before going to school for flash at Brookhaven (My first day is today...in a couple of hours...but the first REAL day starts on the 22nd.)...so hopefully if my pattern persists, my next flash projects will only get better and better.

Anyway. you should check it out! Be sure to leave a review, because I respond to just about all of them when I get around to it!




Hey man! I loved Zone of the Awesome! It was great!

Thank you! :D

Zone of the awesome was sweet
you almost perfectly made it awesome (except for a few spasmic intervals and sudden drawing quality change, like the face of Snake in MGA 2 when the SM-experiment guy told him to come) but in other words:
not ego-tastic, but great job, i really enjoyed it (and I voted high even though I have no idea what that was all about, but you excused urself for that)

I thank you for the high score regardless!

And yeah, the drop in art quality was ALL from me trying to make the deadline for today. Check back in the past couple of news posts and that becomes evident.

And as for not being ego-tastic? Well, I'm not Egoraptor, so that shouldn't hurt my feelings. :D

Im so exited! It's loading!

Aawwww. I'm glad I helped such an amazing artist come out :D

...of the closet? XD

W-Wait...that's making fun of myself... X(

You did some damn fine work. Rare to see a good Awesome toon that isn't made by Egoraptor. What do you have planned next? I'd try to avoid falling into sequelitis, it's a tempting trap that I've succumbed to far too often.

Keep up the good work, love what I've seen so far.

You won't have to worry about a ZOA sequel...if I'm going to pick that up, and that's a big IF, it'll be as a web-comic.

But next? Idk. Something original :)

Hahah. I loved it. If this doesn't get front-paged I'm posting it in Tom's treasure finds for this year! Well done :)

Lol, more power to ya, my friend. Thank you!

i think u really did a number with this. I have to say its probably one of the best awesome parody not made by egorapter. I would put this under awesome racer. Good work man. I really enjoyed it for what it was and u definitely did a good job animation wise and voice wise. I didn't really have a problem with the mic at all. As long as i can hear it, its all good

Aww C'mon, what about Grand Theft Awesome? Put me under that one too...there ARE other good "Awesome" parodies not done by Egoraptor out there!

But thanks! :D

grats on third place
it's pretty cool seeing someone i know up on the front page :3

This was the post that made me realize it was on the front-page!

And thanks so much!

Hey, I'm sure you've still to do a lot of cool stuff, so hang in there. Also, that was really awesome for a second flash animation!
Damn, I envy you for going to school for flash... I wanted to study animation, but if I do I'm likely to end up unemployed...

Well, good luck wif future projects!

You have to prioritize, man. I started school for this late; if it were up to me I would've done it RIGHT AFTER graduation from High School in '06, but other shit had come up.

For three years.

If it's a passion...you'll find a way to make it all work.

I hope it hits the front page

It did! Daily 3rd! :D

Aaahh front page! Well done!


Much better than Awesome's Creed by AlmightyHans, or any other Awesome fan cartoon. That almost matched Egoraptor's stuff (I still think that only he should do Awesome flash though).

After ZOA, I agree. No more Awesome flashes for me...

Loved it. great job, i look forward to more


Glad my review on ZoA was helpful to you, and I see that in your news post you pointed out 'exactly' what my problem was with the voice acting. Now that the Awesome's out of your system and you've got a full project under your belt, here's to seeing what comes out when you bust out the original creations. :D

Damn-right! Thanks dude!

Ha ha I knew it!! U r in the awesome serie now !! Gongrats dude!! I voted too for AS :D

Thanks so much!

Yaaay, just watched it again :)

If you ever need any help with any of your flashes (like finding sounds and ect) just ask me! I'm always a PM away!

You bet, thanks again Murad136!

First of all rapidness combined with funny shit is awsome, I mean how do you think Family Guys so popular.secound of all I thought it sounded great and gave it a cartoony sound which is what it needs and keep doing the sound effects with your voice, it was really funny. and thired PLEASE make #2 soon I watch the first pretty much every day and Iv nearly memorized it.

Lord have mercy.

I wish I had your drawing talent...sigh

Any art is a practice; I started out quite shittily...but all I did was practice on the back of tests, practice on walls, practice on anything I could draw on.

If you just practiced every chance you got, you'd be better than me in no time.

I know this is kind of a dated request, but, could I get a .GIF of the epic button mash? Or that epic fight scene right after?