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Even More Cyanide & Happiness Shorts I Worked On

Posted by Galneda - June 4th, 2018

Hey there! My name's Geoff Galt, and I worked for Cyanide & Happiness...and yeah, "worked" past tense. They're going through restructuring and I had been hired to work on a season of a show. I worked on the tail end of Season 2 and the entirety of Season 3 of the Cyanide & Happiness Show, and Purgatony from Blackpills. After that it was like a year of nothing but shorts, and the studio had quite a bit of overhead on their hands, so...they fought to get another show up and running but ultimately ran out of time and I went from full-time to freelance. I hadn't been updating these in a while, so this might be a big one. But read along and check out some of the stuff I've done with Explosm! Previous news posts have even more!

CPR, I was just the voice of the dummy. I believe this was the first animatic our new hire Connor Murphy had worked on. He's gone on to write and direct shorts.

Gym Class was a weird one. A lot of people from the office had taken a week off to vacation over at Boulder, Colorado (which was extremely fun and relaxing) but the deadline for this short was not adjusted at all...so when we all came back in to work, this short needed its animatic done in two days. 

What resulted from that was every animatic artist pitched in on this, and I helped divvy the shots. But it was really cool, if not hectic, for us all to throw down on a short and it made it's deadline. Mike Salcedo is uncredited, but he also helped clear up a few shots. 


I had a lot of fun as the drunken dad in The Punishment, and there were coworkers that loved the degree of outrage in the "SMOKING, JONATHAN!?" delivery. I'm a big fan of how the last line came out, lol

This was the first animatic I got to work on after Season 3 of the Cyanide & Happiness show. I was so stressed out around this time, and getting to work on shorts again was kinda therapeutic in a way. 

Back at it again voicing Dads in The Shelter.

In a really unexpected turn, here's a Mini that's a Final Fantasy 7 parody and I was fucking STOKED to be the voice of Sephiroth, but I was actually fighting a mucus-ladened cough when I got in the booth and I was really disappointed with the timing of that. It's just a Mini short, but I feel like if I was in better shape, I could've done a better Sephiroth.

I worked closely with Dave McElfatrick to get this weirdassed short out, lmao.

I did the animatic for The Joke Book, and I tried hiding a lot of references in the kid's piles of junk in his room. Some made it through, like the plush F Bomb, Mega Mom comic book cover, and Painbot from Season 3 of the show, others were added by our background artist, including the Cory Scroll from Season 3, Episode 3.

Alright, so this one was a blast to work on and it had been lost in developmental hell for a few months- Ow My Dick was a running joke in the studio as to just how bad and repetitive our shorts could get, so this was taking the piss out of the fact that Ow My Dick killed the studio. I play the Redneck that appreciates that kinda stupidity and I needed to learn how to drive stick specifically for the short.

I've been a biker for seven years, so the concept wasn't wholly beyond me, but I was driving Jon's red pickup, Randy the Ranger (RIP.) and somewhere there are tons of bloopers where I just drop the accent and I get mad at the car for not cooperating with what I'm trying to do. When I slammed on the brakes, that's real. It was so fucking hot that day, and for a lot of the shots inside of the truck, we had to keep the engine off. I felt the worst for Dave, Irish born, insisting on wearing coats and blazers, in absurd Texan summer heat...know when you see our sweat glazed faces, we were suffering, but the whole thing turned out really funny and it was a fun thing to work on in the end.



I was extremely proud of how The Fire Whisperer came out. In the animatic, I drew the lady as a baldie to save time, and over time I thought she looked really cute without hair. It's still a little weird watching this and she has hair after the fact.

I play an emotional dad with a moustache in this one. Beth's line "Look at all that TRASH" became a running gag around the office for a while.

I made another little on-camera appearance as a Satanist in this one. It wasn't long after this short I decided to give up my quest of having long hair because I think it just looks sweaty and gross in this.

Some comment asked why I was wearing running shoes and I responded so I could be "Runnin' With The Devil"

I'm the ad voice for the Deck Enhancement in the beginning, and I'm the voice of Fatty Bones Malone in this short.

And that's about it for now due to Newgrounds news posts having limited embeds. More will come, and I've worked on plenty more animatics and voice roles before I left Explosm that haven't been released yet. I think the shorts were about 6 or 7 months out ahead of schedule in the pipeline, but now that the format has changed so they're releasing shorts every other week, then I might not see the short I just wrapped up until next year, definitely. 

I also voiced a couple of characters in the game that's Kickstarted, so that'll be around the corner for sure. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such funny and creative, smart and enlightening people. That office was just incredible and I'm going to miss that environment dearly. I have a few jobs lined up that I'm going to be checking out, but I'm defintely hurt from just...the end of an era. I mean, I've made friends for life in that studio and it's not the last time I'll get to see them, which is what I'm primarily scared of...just losing contact. 

I'm just new at this, I guess...this is my first official, paycheck job and they're just going through some restructuring. Agents that were supposed to seal the deal on a show for me to work on just weren't fast enough I guess. That or they decided to take the shows to Canada where it was cheaper to produce or I could on and on about speculative nonsense. There's no one to really blame here in this situation...but goddammit I loved my job. I loved my time there. And I really, really grew as a person and as a creative from all of this. I am not the same man I was three years ago.

Thanks for reading and watching! Here's moving forward, straight ahead.




Didn't realize this is what you'd been working on the last few years! So much stuff. Entertaining stuff too. I could get hooked to these... the gym episode was one inspiring run, and impressive feat with the two dags. Well-filmed shorts too, and that dog lmao. Fire definitely turned out pretty fiery, cool mix of effects. Really wish these were on NG too (I mean officially - outside a newspost). Might not get as huge an audience but it'd be the best place...

Regarding the studio: are the original founders involved at all these days? Or just the non-animate parts? This franchise really has grown incredibly huge. The last Kickstarters I remember was way past funding in less than a day.

Really belated Congrats on the awesome job, and good luck with the next one! Such a thing on yer list of merits is bound to open doors.

Thanks so much! And the original creators are heavily, intrinsically involved with everything that happens with the C&H brand. I've worked intensively and closely with Rob, Dave, and Kris through my time at the studio. These are all, from beginning to end, their babies. I feel privileged when a visual or comedic gag of my own creation makes it through the animatic process, which it frequently does. It has been the best job I've ever had.

I haven't watched any cyanide and happiness cartoons in ages. Thank you for all of your hard work, these shorts were great.

I'm extremely proud to how far they've come from over the years they've existed. Thanks for the support!

Dude, you made a great job! I think you have many more greater stuff to do in future. Thx for your work!

Thank you so much! You take care!

CAn you help make my series its action and drama! and its best idea ever!

No, you're kind of a dick in the General forums! Make it worth my while and I may reconsider!

Are you still working for C&H? What you been up to?

Yes and no! They ask me to do a voice every now and again, and shorts that I worked on months before the layoff are still trickling out, like Serial Killer! Keep your eyes peeled for "Geoff Galt" in their credits. I've been trying to focus on freelance voiceovers in the meantime.

@SevenSeize @Phobotech no bullshit--- I have seen your name before. Like prior to talking to you. So you famous!

That's good to hear! All the more fun to follow a franchise when you know it's really cared about. :)